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Injury treatment provided without questions to parents?

At three years of age, in 1974, I was struck above the eye by a thrown dinner plate. The abuser brought me to Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo, where she says I received 2 or 3 stitches. In my response to my question "Was anyone at the Children’s Hospital informed of how the injury occurred?" she answered, "No one asked and I didn’t say anything." I realize it was a long time ago, but this strikes me as implausible. Isn't how an injury occurred one of the first things health professionals would have needed to know in order to determine appropriate treatment? Apparently medical records only need to be kept for 10 years, so I may never know for sure what the hospital was told, but I assume the abuser lied about what happened to avoid a child abuse investigation. If there's a medical professional on this forum who was working around that era who can say if there's any possibility I could've received treatment without my parent having to say how the injury happened, that'd be helpful.
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Well, toddlers get hurt in all sorts of ways, unfortunately.  Often self inflected from falling or doing something crazy.  Staff is generally on the look out for signs of abuse.  I'm not sure if they looked but just didn't see anything or if your 'abuser' was just such a good liar.   They could still treat the because a contusion is the same whether it happened from a thrown plate of a fall onto a table corner.  I've been to the hospital for an injury to one of my children.  They ask some vague questions as they can't say "do you hit your child?" and think they'd get an honest answer.  People are gonna lie if they are abusers.  So, they are more apt to look for signs of abuse which is typically more than an acute injury. They were likely looking for healing bruises on your body, other injuries, how you interacted with your abuser, if you were scared, etc.  Are you still in contact with the person that hurt you?  Was it that one time or was there more?  
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