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for all the blind Republicans in denial

OK drive around any neighborhood USA. knock on doors and ask them their state of affairs. oh if 25% don't answer. its probable, because they been foreclosed on. do this all day, oh hell your gas that's right, I forgot Republicans get free gas. well and as  they should. their making billions off the Iraq scam not a war. ask 50 people that are in their 40s what were the bests years for you financially.the Clinton years no if and or butts about it.then ask 100 hard working Americans, you know the ones just want the American dream( now it is a dream) new home, etc etc. new home? when is the last time you seen one being built. if a one eyed 3 leg dog and his owner was running for office. we would have a better chance. take the ear plugs out of your ears and blinders off your eyes. and smell , smell the stench of what the Republicans have done.
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Yup, I agree. The sad thing is, so many people are republicans because their parents are/were, their spouse is, they're to lazy to educate themselves on the issues, they're very wealthy and want their money protected (lol, that's a joke now), They're 1 issue minded (no one takes my guns from me or I'm against abortion, but it's OK to kill with wars), they're extreme religious zealots (which is a joke, since republicans are not for helping the needy), they're bigots, they're war mongers or they've fallin for the scare tactics of the Bush/McCain saga (if we don't go to war with everyone they'll come and blow up America) Or should we call it "Chinerica", since we are now owned by China.
Take off your blinders people ! We need Obama as President, so America can at least get started back in the right direction. Don't expect miracles, but at least get on the road to recovery.
GO OBAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unfortunately their money is being protected no matter what. Big money controls way more than we think. Can you tell I grew up in a conspiracy theory house.  My mom votes independent . Hates Republicans.

As I told slinger1, there has been an increase in new homes, small but an increase of 4.1%.Herere's the link: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/Housing/story?id=2497916&page=1

I'm in the mortgage industry and yes we have slowed down But FHA loans have helped pick things up.

I just want facts on Obama and McCain.

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Republicans get free gas? How does that work? I paid $3.99 this morning and didn't see the free gas option.

I am over 40 and I am better off now than during the Clinton years, not because of the gov't though. I went back to grad school and earned a Masters and my wife is finishing her undergrad. Oh, I also work more, only half days though, 12 hrs is enough for me.
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When you talk like that it turns my stomach. Makes me cringe. No matter how I vote.
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your statements show immaturity and ignorance on all the issues.
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I still think we need to pay attention on who we are putting in the senate.  We pay so much attention to the presidential election these other ones just slide in.  We have a big contest going on here in Minnesota and if the wrong one gets in we will be affected in a big way.  Lots of power in Congress.  Just my opinion          sara
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I have known, met and talked with republicans that fit each one of those catagories I mentioned. I have registered voters (all republicans, sorry to say), they didn't know what party I belonged to, and one had to call home to ask her husband what she was, one had to ask if McCain was still alive and running, one said she didn't trust Obama because he's black. But most of them I know personnally. Alot of people I know, agree with what I said, they're just to nice to say it.  
These are the type of republicans I"ve met.....can you see why I get angry?
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George Washington warned us in his farewell address to not get sucked into a two party system......We are probably too far along for that to come back. Check out the PAC's and stuff......the lobbysists have already hedged and have contributed major league money to both parties.....domino is right - the President isnt a King - we are supposed to have a representative government.....with our representatives making decisions..

The Who sang about this in the sixties.............

"Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss
They decide
And the shotgun sings its song"
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I would love to see no party tags put on the nominees, more people would have to study the issues.
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That is a truly great idea.....its too bad that we will most likely never see it....it would make voters at least look at something...............
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very good idea!!!!
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I agree, no 2 party system or no party system at all.
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I have to admit if we didn't know what party someone belonged too - more people would have to pay attention to issues.  But my fear, is they would look at who looks the best.  It's happened before.  I have heard people say they were voting for Obama because they didn't like McCain's look.  That's a sad reason to vote one way or the other.

I do have to say that I'm a lower middle class American and I have done better since Bill Clinton has been OUT of office.   I've been able to save more and we make the same money we did back then.  So, that's one reason I'm confused by everyone who says we were better with Clinton.  With Clinton, I had to pay taxes every year even though I claimed the proper amount on my W-4 every year.  I don't understand that?  When I lived in Pennsylvania, I never owed the state tax or them to me - it always worked out and I believe that's the way the Federal tax system should work as well.  If they would just take the right amount to begin with, we would never owe or get money back.  Why can't they make that work?  

As far as the housing market goes, it was the crooked realtors and banks that caused this problem.  They gave people home loans that couldn't afford it.  I have a girl I work with whose in-laws asked her to invest in a new home and that they would make a profit from the sale (she was promised they had a buyer - but didn't).  It turned out that the construction loan was $500,000 and they qualified with only a $65,000 income!!! How ridiculous is that? Now they are looking at being foreclosed on - it's sad!  They could possibly lose their own home.  It was the greedy banks and even some realtors who wanted to make money.  (I know lots of realtors who are honest and so please I'm not attacking them all - just those greedy son of a guns who did this to people.)  

Just my opinions!

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Wallstreet and the housing market need regulations.  It's just been too easy for people to get greedy.  Laws and regulations hold this country together.
It is great that you are doing better now than when Clinton was in office.  Just remember you are one of the very few that is.  Just look around and listen to how other people are doing. It's not good, not good at all.  
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Eagle-"Same circus, different clowns" LOL! Sometimes- maybe even often- I think why, WHY would anyone want to be president right now? And WHO  would want to go through this ugly process?  The very fact that these two guys are running at all convinces me not to question either of their patriotism. Obama is in danger- I am sure there are some racist nut jobs out there who would like to take him out. That's one reason I am glad for Biden being his second. The guy is a moderate, experienced, good man. On the other hand, McCain has had four bouts of deadly melanoma. My mom went down that road before it showed up in her pancreas. I gotta worry about Palin being his second. Her executive experience, while laudable, is truly limited. She is about as right wing as they come and she has no foreign policy experience in this age of globalism.

Now for Utah- My brother and I have been debating the "who is responsible" issue. My point of view is that one of the purposes of government is to protect the citizens. I think that is in our constitution- isn't it? Ya can't just protect the responsible folks- you have to protect the stupid, greedy ones too. Why? To save all of us who deserve protection from the greedy, the stupid and the irresponsible- and to save them from themselves. Kind of like traffic lights and speed limits- certainly not a perfect simile - but you get my drift. This meltdown is a case in point. The regulations on banks, investment companies and the mortgage industry were lifted Christmas Eve 2000. This de-regulation was slipped through late at night by the republican majority when the American public wasn't looking. Phil Gram- McCain's chief economic advisor- was the architect.  Eight years later- ain't we got fun?  We have to do more than bail out and absorb the losses of these mega-companies, We need to re-regulate so that this won't happen again. Senator McCain has always been against regulation. In his words and in his deeds. We need a real change. Obama's the one.
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Utah- You are so right about the housing crisis. It was the greedy lenders giving loans to people that couldn't afford them. But then you have to look at the people who got loans on homes they knew they could not afford. Who really caused it?
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Heh heh..I have a theory I worked out on why the majority of Americans actually vote republican despite the fact that few Americans are actually part of the wealthy elite that republicans represent (all right, supposedly respresent!);

When a poor-middle class American steps into the voting both, for that one brief instant, the are overwhelmed by a desire to BE one of the wealthy elite. By pulling the lever for "republican", they can, for just a few seconds, feel as if they are one of them.

PLUS, people vote republican on the off chance they WILL be rich some time in the near future. You NEVER KNOW when you may win lotto or get a windfall inheritance from a previously unknown relative. ;)
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I don't think you can really say ...who caused this.  It's like a pile of cash sitting in the road. The rich took some, the poor took some , everyone that came upon it took some. Why not after all, it was just sitting there.
I think the question is more....who let this happen ?  Like lovepat said above.....McCains chief financial advisor and his buds slipped in the de-regulation and here we sit. McCain has always been for de-regulation. He has as of this week changed his tune.
McCain also wanted to privatize social security. Can you imagine if that had gotten through.  I live in the "land of the retired elderly"  it would have been devastating !  Good judgement is what we need. Someone that has the ability to look past today. To think how things will affect us in the future.
I rest my case.  lol
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Maybe some people think that way, but I doubt it.  

I have voted Republican for many years (although I almost voted for Al Gore - that's a total different story and long one).  I am a conservative (but a moderate conservative).  I have taken many polls online and they always show me in the middle.  I have some liberal views but many conservative views.  I am by no means wealthy and never think that way when entering a voting booth.  I vote my conscious and my gut!  I make myself aware of the issues and then I vote for who I believe is the best candidate.  I read each candidates objectives and try to see who fits best with my views and ideals as well.  I am very informed.  I hope that is what most people do rather than voting a certain way because it's always been the way they have voted.  It's important to be open minded and make up OUR OWN DECISIONS based on facts.  However, because we are all different and have different points of view (isn't that great - wouldn't it be boring if we all thought the same), some will vote because they researched the issues.  Unfortunately, there are those who will only vote for a Republican or Democrat because there families have always voted that way.  

I guess what I'm saying is I respect everyones opinion.  If someone votes for Obama and I disagree - that's okay because we are all on the same team in the long run.  Just because I might disagree with his policies, doesn't make me right.  I don't know if you get what I'm trying to say, but we need to RESPECT each other for our choices.  This is the greatest Nation on Earth (even with it's faults).  I'm thankful that I don't have to get papers to travel from one part of the country to another and that I'm free to make a choice! There are so many in the world who are not given that basic right!  

So, I respect each of you for your opinions and I'm thankful that you are researching the issues to make informed decisions whatever it may be!  

Okay, I'll stop the babbling now!  LOL!!!!
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I think we should have mystery canidates. We don't get to see if they are female, old, white or black. They give speaches in burka's or must always have a bag on their heads. lol   All we get is where they stand on issues.  Oh, and they are never allowed to mention the other canidate or even know where the other one stands on issues.  It would be all about what their vision was. No stealing lines from the other canidates either

Yes, I'm very happy here in fantasy land. LOL.  
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greetings from ET he could send us the surprise canidates


Just sign on the blank line ET will make it happen
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LMAO  Oh I wish it was that easy.  I have a lot of fantasy land ideas.
Are you feeling any better ?
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no not really glad to be home with the kids they took it hard
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Awww I bet they were so worried.  So what are the doctors gonna do with you ? They have to be able to help you somehow ? Hang in there bud.
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