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Anybody Have Suggestions For A Movie That Made You Cry?

I have a very dear friend on Medhelp, that feels like crying, but just cannot bring herself to do so ~ I know that it is therapeutical ti watch movies and cry. Can anybody please give any suggestions of a movie that made them cry? (or two). I'd be so grateful~
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I just realized I could google it, Any suggestions would be helpful though.

The Legend of 1900
Stars Tim Roth as a man named 1900 who was abandoned as a baby on a cruiser liner in the year 1900 (hence his name) and raised by the crew. It is discovered that he is a piano prodigy and he spends his whole life on the ship, never daring to step out on dry land. Until he meets a new friend who encourages him to take a chance. . .
Beautiful movie, almost like a modern fairytale and the end made me bawl like a baby.

Some others that come to mind are:
Dead Poets Society
My Girl
Pay It Forward
Ordinary People
Grave of the Fireflies
Simon Birch
In the Gloaming
It's My Party
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Another good family movie is "Duke" about a border collie....
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terms Of endearment
The Notebook
I am SAM
Hope Floats
Green Mile
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gorillas in the mist... I can not watch this due to the tears.. true story very sad.
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Terms of Endearment
Steel Magnolias
The Notebook
My Sister's Keeper
The Pursuit of Happyness
Marley and Me-I was sobbing sobbing at this movie
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Old Yeller
Where the red fern grows
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Great suggestions.If u wanna cry any movie thats a little sad will make u cry lol.trust me ive been there
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The notebook
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Steel Magnolias

Love Story

Brains Song (I think)
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On Golden Pond
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Pay it Forward
Hotel Rawanda
The First Grader
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Marley and Me
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The Execution of Pvt. Slovik
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This is an older one - well 1990's old - I don't remember it when it first came out but saw it later on -

My Dog Skip - has anyone else seen this movie?

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Correction - it was released in January 2000.  Anywho, I liked it.
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Cold Mountain (my all time fave movie)
De-Lovely (musical...different, but very sad, true story)
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It's A Wonderful Life
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"eight below "... it is a beautiful moving film for dog lovers. I just loved the movie and the dogs !!!

An antartic explorer has to leave their dogs  behind because of a storm. ...
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here's the link on youtube, part 1

hope she enjoys it :)
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The Bridges of Madison County
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Thank you so much for all of the suggestions. I'm sure they will help my friend as well as myself.
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Hachi.  OMG if you wanna a good cry, you gotta watch it.  Its about a dog (who happens to be an akita:) who waits for years for his owner to get off a train.  It is a true story.  I seriously dont think i have ever cried so much from a movie.
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Ice Castles
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#1  Marley And Me
#2  Beaches
#3  Brian's Song
#4  Terms of Endearment
#5   Dying Young
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