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Just wanted to share: Things started looking up for me at about 2 weeks after wd's. Man, looking back, those shakes, sweats, and bathroom trips were relentless. And the sleepless nights...my goodness :-/ (sleep is returning, I'd say I'm at a consistent 60-70% so ill take that :)  but really even 20-30 days in i was still experiencing some symptoms (rightfully so...i had spent years messing around with those crappy pills.. my body was, and still is, trying to regulate itself). I'm now at around 50 days and I have to say...overall this past week has been the best yet- both physically and mentally. Finally no more sweating and sneezing all day. I've noticed a huge turn around in my energy levels this week. Hopefully I can get a repeat for the week ahead! This is not 'pink cloud' stuff anymore...man, I'm actually starting to feel ok, not just ok, but pretty good! I just wanted to post this and try to pay forward my baby steps and experiences, as so many other great posters on here do, in hopes that someone who is on the fence about quitting, or in the trenches of withdraws, will read this and derive some inspiration.

I'm taking it day by day and each day is getting a little more 'real,' a little more fun :)


PS...Go Eagles
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Hi Bright, I'm glad to read that you are feeling better! For me, I think it was also around the 50 day mark that I really started feeling like I had finally come through the tunnel! Congrats, and stay strong! Keep moving forward each day!

PS...Go Niners!
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Yo! Congrats on having the perseverance and commitment to make it this far! It only gets better as you get further along. As I close in on three months, I'm amazed constantly by how much energy I seem to get back every day.

Oh, don't plan on driving on the turnpike this year, we own it, GO STEELERS!
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good job!

just keep doing what has been working . . . one day at a time.

don't get the idea that you're out of the woods yet.  if we don't keep recovery as the priority, using has a way of slipping up on us, generally in a manner that seems guaranteed "not to get out of control this time."

it's amazing how many times we can struggle through the early days of recovery and make it to a place of relative comfort, only to be taken by the thought that "we've been so good for so long that we deserve an evening off" or that "since we've stopped so well and for so long, we're now equipped to use successfully."

they said it succinctly at my first rehab: "don't use, at all, no matter what, or you will reactivate your addiction."  as you've no doubt seen on this forum, the key to not-using after you make it through the days of acute withdrawal is having an 'aftercare program."

after my first rehab i had a doc look me in the eye and tell me "if you don't have a program, you WILL relapse."  i didn't even bother arguing with that nonsense, because i KNEW that wasn't going to happen . . . i had my life back and i wasn't going back to the mess from which i had just escaped.

at and after my second rehab i was able to listen to the folks who had the long-term recovery that i wanted and i became willing to do anything and everything to stay clean.

i have found that such an approach not only keeps me safe from a return to active addiction, but that it opened the door to a new life that i didn't even suspect was possible.  i  was just trying to "get my life back," but by becoming honest, open and willing, i got something much more.

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Thanks everyone for the support and advice...good stuff

Ben...we'll see about that...I'll check back in with you after today ;)

Catuff...this time I finally stopped being a dumba** and got myself some good aftercare from the beginning (after some encouragement from buddies on here)...including an addiction therapist and a good AA home group. I definitely don't feel like I have it 'in the bag.' There's so much more room to learn and grow...but I must say I have more support now than I ever did...which I know has been a huge part of getting me this far. I just wanted to mention a few of my experiences in case someone who was just starting out was looking for some encouragement. I still have struggles and I know everyday I must breath in, breath out, and not use- if anything else.

Thanks for your advice and for sharing your experiences...I really believe that every time we try to quit, even if we don't get it right, it's a small step in the right direction.  I love what you said at the end about 'getting much more.'  Sounds like you now have a good foundation and are doing great...very encouraging.
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hey there... i have seen a lot of people come onto this site who were 'new' to me, and now all of those people have more time than i do ... including you! i really appreciate what you said about each time quitting being a step in the right direction.  :)    i am really happy for you and everything you've accomplished.  you are definitely illustrating your screen name!  keep going, don't look back--
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Thanks meeg..means a lot ;)
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I am so happy to read that you are coming along.  I find so much strength from your post and I know that the newbie will too.  The positive post is few and far between, so reading your hope is refreshing.  Every day does get better.  I think I started to get my energy back around the same time in my recovery as you.  My sleep is back to normal, and my depression and anxiety have mellowed out too.  It has been a bumpy road, but the future is looking brighter. So proud of you BRIGHT!

PS We still need to meet up at a meeting
PPS GO BIRDS (Eagles that is)
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Thank u for sharing!  It is so great to read this:)  Keep up the great progress, YOU deserve it!
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So proud of you my friend!!  I am glad you stopped sneezing and sweating!  I remember a few of your first posts and messages were about sweating :-)
We have came a long way haven't we?  It sure feels longer though; what a ride it has been. Keep up the good work young lady!!
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Lol Nursey- ahh yes- the sneezing and sweating .... Oh how fun. Yes we have come a long way my friend :o)
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both you and nursey7 are doing great very proud of both of you :)))
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