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****Clonidine Question******

Long story short.  My doctor switched my Ativan to Clonidine 0.01 for my PMDD night sweats.  Has anyone ever taken it for this reason?  Did it work, and is 0.01 a low dose.  I am afraid to take it because I don't have high BP.  Just curious and nervous about taking it.  

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PS  she says it all she can give me because I cant take birth control because I smoke, and that they can't test my hormone levels unless I stop having periods....sorry  Is this true.....?
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My doctor prescibed me Clonidine for when I start my withdrawl process beginning Thursday. I have not tried it yet. My doctor prescribed 0.01mgs take x1 every 6 hours as needed
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Please do research for this. I like Are you sure it wasn't 0.1mg or 100mcg?
that is the lowest dose I could find there. It interacts with alcohol and some allergy meds.
Usually given 2x/day. It sounds like it is just for the nights for you, though. If I am in doubt, I ask the pharmacist to check or print up a data sheet on it. They can also tell you if your other meds react with it.
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Mine is not for withdrawal, but horrible night sweats about 10 days out of the month.  I no longer wanted to take the ativan because it made me hyper....go figgure?  maybe the mixture of that a 2 liters of diet coke a that i think about was worse when I was taking the ativan.......anyway, it did nothing for the sweats and I hope I can handle the mood swings......but anyway, your a guy and getting the same dose??...I only weight 125 lbs. @ 57"  can you break them in half?  Are they timed released?   I guess I should be asking my doctor these questions but strangely i feel better asking you  

Mine is take 1 at bedtime ......not every day, only when needed.  

its either that or nothing at this point.  Any of the ladies ever try the OTC Estroven>>>that scares me too?  I JUST NEED RELIEF FROM THESE NIGHT SWEATS AND THE DOC'S DON'T GIVE A ****.......LIKE IT'S ALL IN YOUR FRIGGIN HEAD OR SOMETHING........FRUSTRATED !!!
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GTMI yes i was wrong.......sent you a pm.......0.1  is that high?
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Hey !  I just realized something !  My night sweats came back when I stopped taking the Clonodine.  I'm getting the hot flashes from menopause real bad at times. They came back a few weeks ago and I never put 2 and 2 together.  I stopped taking the Clonodine about 2 weeks ago.   I never heard of it being taken for this reason, but your post made me think.  I would start with just a half of a pill. I've never taken a whole. They really help me sleep.
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As i mentioned, it was the lowest dose of it I could find.
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google it .......just did and yes, lots of info.  seems like the only thing used for meno and the sweats........that is interesting.  I guess it does work.  I pray it works for me.

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I take the natural estorgen supps when i have the sweats but mine happen during the day as well....i also have the prescribed estogen as well and both work for me....there is also prenpro available....have u ever tried a hormone replacement verses clonidine for menopause?  i have just never heard of it as a first option
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Hasn't helped me pms one bit. Oh maybe I should be giving it to my wife.
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Worried,    Most doctors won't give you the hormone replacement if you smoke and I do. :(

Nauty,   Thanks for your post.  Now I have something to treat the hot flashes and I didn't even know it. lol  This is great !   Hope it works for you !   Hugs,  Mary
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Now what am I going to do about this irritability ????????  Every thing makes me mad.  I hate being this way !   See ....I'm even mad about being irritable. lol
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I am afraid to take the OTC things because not only do I smoke but my mother had breast cancer, so replacement is out.  I am really frustrated because she says If you still have aunt flo then your not in menopause, but she says they can't check my hormone levels unless aunt flo left town for good.  I don't know if I believe that.  something is wrong and I'd like to know where I am pre-pause whatever......she says.....we cant do that????grrrrrrrrrr.  I do get hot flashes.....i think?  it happens maybe once in a blue moon so I'm just not sure......thats why i am getting so frustrated !!!!!!!!!!!

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Have you girls tried yam cream? It really does help. Boosts the estrogen by giving you progesterone. Increasing soy intakes help too.
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You can be in peri-menapause for years before you stop having your period. Thats really not making sence to me that she can't check your hormone levels.  They checked my sister's. She had a hysterectomy but had her ovaries left. So they didn't know if she was still ovulating and they tested her.
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I did see something about that .......but, i try to stay away from soy, because again the breast cancer that runs in the i hear now promotes breast cancer......we can't win.........

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I know ......that really bugged me.  My mother said something about Maturation levels?  if i spelled that right.....they can see whats going *** HMO's......I'm gonna fight this issue with them, cause If my symptoms are affecting my everyday well being...I deserve to know........I pay those ***** enough out of my own pocket !!

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I was just drinking my glass of chocolate soy milk. :(
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I have just got done taking Clonidine.  The .1 is the starting dose, two or three times per day.  The pill is scored, so you CAN break it in half and take .05 or 1/2 a dose if you need to.  I was given it to help with withdrawal.  It lowers your heart rated and opens your blood vessels so blood flows easier.  The thing I don't like about it is that the dry mouth is terrible with it, and you'll need to suck on candy.  I would recommend a dose first thing when you get up, and then a dose before bed.  If you need one during the day, try 1/2 a pill or a pill if you have to.

Just so you know, there will be some withdrawal if you take it for a long time, but it's not a pill that is abused.  It is used for menopause and night sweats and to sleep (insomnia) off label.

I read up a bunch on it when I started it.  I took it for a few days before I started withdrawal, and then through Day 5 (today).  I took my last one this morning.  They also make it in .2 and .3mg.  But, start small and work your way up.

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Yeah, I would definately demand the test.
I used to have horrible night sweats starting 3 days before my period.  Thats how I knew it was coming. I had fibroids and endometreosis.  Have you been checked for things like that ????
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Soy....ewwwwww!!! They can test you! Geez, my real Mom had a hysterectomy and then she was put on estrogen but then she found out she still has one ovary!! WTH!!!!

She has her hysterectomy long ago though! Things are really screwy for us woman and you can have symptoms as early as your 30's!! It is NOT FAIR!! LOL
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Didnt think about the smoking thing and i do the nicotine lozenges....they never asked...but i am also on depo preovera which is a big hormone gush every 3 months and need to get off of it as i have no idea whether i still have periods or not since it stops ur cycle...i have not had one in 15 years cept once when i got off a few years ago and i thought i was gonna pull my hair out...i thought "screw feeling like this" as memories of severe pms back on the shot/for is only progesterone tho and so i buy those natural estrogen tabs to help the hot flashes...and it does...i have a scrip for premarin but take it rarely...but i used to smoke and took birth control pills for years so i guess i should be happy nothing happened to me so far!  I dont have to take it every day...kinda go thru times when i need to and times when i dont need glad when menopause is over for me
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I take a natural supp for the night sweats. . .I am only 28 but going through perimenopause.  You CAN have your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone tested regardless of whether your cycles have stopped.  All they have to do is put (lol) abnormal menses under the diagnosis - I worked as a doctor's assistant for several years.  

Turned out, that even at my peak follicular cycle (when you should have the most hormones) all three hormone levels were at absolute zero.  I am on a mono-cyclic (consistent hormone levels all 3 weeks) birth control and use the natural supps and also the pro-G-yam cream.  Oh, and I also get bi-monthly testosterone inj. from my doc.  Studies show that adjunctive therapy with these treatments work the best.  I haven't had night sweats for about 2 months now.  This is a record for me - used to have to change the clothes 3 or 4 times a night.  So, I hope this is helpful for you. . .I should've sent you a PM about this (lol-a little personal but whatever).  Let me know if you need anymore info.

P.S.  I was on the clonidine at one time, the first time I tried to detox and it didn't lower my BP at all (mine is already low) and I took 0.1mg 3 times daily. . .

Send me a PM any time if you want!

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I have not started my Clonidine just yet, but I did read that when I do I should be aware that it will reduce my blood pressure a bit and I should not just jump up off the couch and run for the bathroom or anything like that or I might wake up a few minutes later eating the carpet. (It might make you feel faint in higher doeses or if you already have very low Blood Pressure.

Also you are supposed to wean off of this medicine when you stop or you could have a huge spike in your blood pressure. I think I read just cut your dose in half every day until it is gone. The weaning of this medicine can be really aggressive and you wont notice but you do have to remeber to wean.
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Yes, I just went in last week for my physical, and I haven't heard anything, so ....I'm just going to speak with my primary about this, not the Nurse Prac.

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Hi Nauty
I take 4 Clondine 0.1 a day for BP and have had a hysterectomy I still get the night sweats I to smoke so Dr. dose not give me estrogen. I tried the Estroven and it works but started to feel guilty so tried a multi pak Vitamin from GNC designed for menopause symptoms and I found they work great I don't remember the name as I threw away the box it came in but they are individual packets and they last a month.. Found I can't take those because of HepC  so now planing on quiting smoking (not looking forward to that)
Just thought I would throw out another option.
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Thanks everyone.  

Mary......Its so scary, because one day something is good for you, then the next its not!  Only if you have had or have a history of cancer should you avoid soy?  I think.  Been doing so much research.

Blade thanks.....I wasn't sure, because I haven't gotten the clonidine yet.  Doctor put in the order yesterday.  I would assume BP medicine would be time released, I guess not.  So more grapefruit juice, right?  I read that it has an interaction with BP meds.

10356......thanks......I haven't talked to anyone who has used the OTC like estroven. I am very skeptical of those things.  They are very expensive and a lot of times they are useless......same with amino's and now over the weekend I hear that we are wasting our time taking vitamins b/c we don't digest them and unless you are a drug user/alcoholic.....they say dont' waste your money.  Its so frustrating.

if i missed anyone.......again thanks for your input.  I am such a wuss about taking ***** getting old.......;-))))

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oh absolutely, yes, absolutely you can have your hormone levels checked even though you still have stupid of them to say you cannot!!!!!  i still had regular periods every 28 days like clockwork, was nowhere near menopause or even perimenopause, but was determined to have severe endo and huge ovarian cysts, concern about cancer, had two laproscopic surgeries, finally a complete hysterectomy (everything taken out, both ovaries, uterus, tubes, everything) about being thrown into immediate surgically induced menopause overnight!  it was hell....worse than opiate withdrawals any day....

ok, read the book "Ageless" by Suzanne Somers....and whatever you do, do NOT take any of that synthetic **** they call replacement hormones....they are ****, plain and simple

i use bioidentical hormones, cream formula, mixed and formulated by a local compounding pharmacy (can't just pick em up at a walgreens because they're formulated specifically to your body's needs)....they have turned my life around completely....even with family history of breast cancer, you CAN use bioidentical hormones....just don't use those snythetic things....they suck....made me worse off than i'd been even before the surgery....just bad, bad, bad, bad....

seriously, get that book and read it, cover to cover....she KNOWS what she's talking's almost like my bible for menopause now....and it gives sooooooo much info in there it's scary.....but sooooooooo will be so informed about what's going on with your body, no more questions, no more mystery, no more misery

i highly recommend reading it....don't think you'll regret it

if you have any more really specific questions, please feel free to pm me....i've had a ton of personal experience and would love to share....have lots more to say about it, too

good luck!!!!

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one more thing....i've NEVER heard of clonidine being given as a remedy for night sweats....and believe me, i've done from doctor to doctor and done months and months of research from about january to may, when i was at my worst, post surgery....if you truly are having hormonal issues, fluctuating hormones, some perimenopausal symptoms, there are TONS of things out there that can help....but taking clonidine is not something that's typically prescribed OR recommended....would hate to see you start on something that might lead you down a bad road....just wanted to make sure you got on the right track....i know how yucky those symptoms can be....went through them myself for quite awhile post surgery...and PLEASE don't let any doctor tell you that they can't check your hormone levels while you're still having your periods....that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard!  get that book "Ageless" by Suzanne Somers....full of great info....good read for us women.....good luck!!!!   luv, kim
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0.1 mg is a pretty standard dose of clonidine and I do not beleive you need to monitor your BP at any dose under 0.2 mg.

I recently begain taking it myself to help me go to sleep (to try and replace using benzos) and to simultaneously help with opiate withdrawals. So far I have found it to be extremely effective, although results of this medication do vary quite a bit from person to person. Overall it has made me tired/reduced energy, but relaxed and comfortable.

Clonodine is used to treat many off-label conditions, and is emerging as a potential "miracle drug" because of its tendency to inadvertently help with many conditions due to its function as an alpha has showed positive results for insomnia, ADHD, opiate/alcohol/nicotine withdrawal, cold sweats, and many other similar types of I would say it's worth a shot (start at 0.1 mg) to see how you react to it as it is a fairly harmless medication and its potential for positive effects is high. There is not currently many comprehensive studies about most of these treatments, so it's really sort of a trial and error process. Very interesting though, and ppl should continue to post their results in forums like this one to assist in the collection of information.
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I take .1 to help with my neuropathy. I check my blood pressure several times a day just to be safe. It has never dropped my blood pressure to a unsafe level.
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Can long term subutex use cause severe swelling in legs
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