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If out of your whole life you could have just picked out a career (any) and Bam been good at it..What would you have wanted to do or be????

I would of wanted to be a Famous Rock-n-Roll Singer for a while. I have the dance moves just need the voice.
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I want to thank you for this thread Vic, I have been too focused on finding mental balance. I am now going to take some small steps toward living my dream in hopes it helps my balance come easier. No matter how small, I set a new goal of TRYING to do one thing each day toward my dream life. Not saying I will do it, but will make an honest effort in networking in the right direction.
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I would have been a Master Welder!
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Heres the thing I would want to be famous like a singer*but only for the money huge crowds scare me*

Then with the money I would open an animal rescue shelter and run my DREAM non profit for underprivledge youth,
The reason I didnt pick this one is because it takes a LOT of money to do both
and a singer makes a lot LOL
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Right, this on I like!

I would love to be trained in the art of espionage, now that would be a cool job! 00DIG or Agent Digglesworth, haha!
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I always wanted to be a flight nurse, almost went for it, but decided it was too stressful and gory....BUT would have loved to be a singer and play the piano.  
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Agent Digglesworth I like!!
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