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If out of your whole life you could have just picked out a career (any) and Bam been good at it..What would you have wanted to do or be????

I would of wanted to be a Famous Rock-n-Roll Singer for a while. I have the dance moves just need the voice.
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I want to thank you for this thread Vic, I have been too focused on finding mental balance. I am now going to take some small steps toward living my dream in hopes it helps my balance come easier. No matter how small, I set a new goal of TRYING to do one thing each day toward my dream life. Not saying I will do it, but will make an honest effort in networking in the right direction.
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I would have been a Master Welder!
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Heres the thing I would want to be famous like a singer*but only for the money huge crowds scare me*

Then with the money I would open an animal rescue shelter and run my DREAM non profit for underprivledge youth,
The reason I didnt pick this one is because it takes a LOT of money to do both
and a singer makes a lot LOL
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Right, this on I like!

I would love to be trained in the art of espionage, now that would be a cool job! 00DIG or Agent Digglesworth, haha!
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I always wanted to be a flight nurse, almost went for it, but decided it was too stressful and gory....BUT would have loved to be a singer and play the piano.  
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Agent Digglesworth I like!!
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FBI..the underground world.
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A meteorologist!
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A crime scene investigator!
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I think working for the BAU would be cool too!!!
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I have always wanted to be a vet. I steered myself away from it once I started college because I wasn't sure I could handle all of the sick animals. I went into nursing. I have been thinking about it more and more lately and even checking into course schedules. I might go for it! God knows I love animals enough, and I also love being in school.
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You should go for it . . . you would be great at it :)
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Thank you! I am really thinking about it. Might start some online courses in the Spring. Who knows, in a few years I could be Dr. Angela!! ;)
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I have 2 kitties sitting on my lap right NOW that love the sound of that!
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You are too sweet! I know my babies would love it. It's ok for mama to do their grooming and shots, but no one else!
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If I could combine double O Dig with Missionary Heather, I would Join FBI Sarah and take down the MAN!
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LMAO, weaver you put a smile on my face on a dreary morning, cheers!
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Glad you got a smile out of that. My medical alert bracelet says, "Allergic to The Man."
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You guys are too much..I thought of something to do with Animals too!!!
Ang--Go for it. I sure would if I was a bit younger.

Sarah, I thought you already worked for the FBI!! lol
No on wants to be the President of the USA!!!! lmao!
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A novelist.
I chose my current occupation when I was 5 years old...because I liked the outfit!  LMAO!
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Oh, you should do it! I am an avid reader and would buy all of your novels!! :)
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Vicki, me too! I always wanted to be a mystery writer. I love the series books, A is for Alibi, etc, or the Stephanie Plum novels! That's what I would do! Write a mystery series with an element of humor! Oh, if I had it to do all over again! LOL!
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Or, I would be a detective! I started reading the Nancy Drew series when I was a kid. I loved them, and I always wanted to be Nancy Drew and have her friends!
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I just finished W is for Wasted. She writes too slow! It's like a year and a half between each book! Compared to James Patterson, who writes like 8 a year, albeit with co authors on all but the Alex Cross series!
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