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I'm back

I had to leave for a while.....I was getting way to wrapped up in this forum......but i really missed it while i was away from it.

I noticed that doing drugs again becomes way more of an issue when im not on this forum............

I'm still hanging in...........but i think i'll get back into the forum again for a while............It really helps with my issues..

Talk to ya'll soon...
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Hey, glad to see ya back.  Are you still on the suboxone ?  Just wondering , couldn't remember if you did a short detox with it or not.
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Whats up Mary..........?

Yes i'm still doing the Subutex....very little amount but deff every day........
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I started to get to where i was always on the forum....so busy talking to you guys about how well everything was going but not spending enough time with my 3 lady's.......Wife and two daughters........The loves of my life and the most important part of staying clean.........

So this time i will spend less time on the forum....but i really need this forum to help keep me focused on staying clean....
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I know what ya mean.  I take breaks from the forum every now and then, but always end up coming back.  It's easier than going out and spending time with my friends. This I can do in my pj's. lol
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Yup.....That chat room that some people started was kinda cool too....but thats when i knew i was spending to much time on the computer.....

Well we are getting close to the big (election) day !!!!!!!!
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I noticed that you hadn't posted for a while, glad things
are ok.  there were many times I took breaks.
That's when my recovery stops working for one reason or
another. So I step back to think. Once I can identify the problem
then I can decide what I need to do to solve it. It may be confronting
someone or a change needed in my behavior.
But I always go back b/c I need it for my recovery. It's an important part
of it but it's not all of it.
Sometimes reading about morphine(my DOC) on here makes me ancie.
And I can't do any b/c of the suboxine. I have been on it since 6-24-08.
I started way high, 24mgs but Dr cut me, I take 8mgs a day or sometimes 4,
10,12, it depends on how I feel. I know that suboxine was the right choice for
me. If I didn't have it, i'd be using. Plus I am working major overtime so I have extra $, if I wasn't on sub, I'd spend it all on drugs. This year everyone gets a Christmas present from me!! I am actually feeling very good about the holidays and that is a major change in my life. Before alls I'd be worried about is getting a hold of my morphine b/c my source would go out of town.pathetic!!!! I was way out of control. Much better now.
glad to see you back
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Hey Coolio, Good to hear your doing well. Glad your still clean and spending time with your family. That's awesome. Corey
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hey coolio,  so glad to see ya back.  you were definately missed.  happy to hear you are still doing good.  take care of your wife and girls and THEN get on puter.  

welcome back.
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glad you're back coolio :)
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So glad to see you back on the forum. We missed you around here. Happy to hear that you are doing well and so nice to have you back.
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Hey bro whatever works for you is what you have to do. A break from the forum is a good thing. The wife and those girls are the most important things,  so take good care of them. Remember,  those little ones love unconditionaly.--John
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wow, hops good to see you too.
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