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Looking forward to the future....

I'm sitting here looking at my calendar to figure out when my six month anniversary of being clean will be. I'm doing this because when i have 6 months clean I can go back to my rehab program and lead a group. I can't wait to do this to share my knowledge with those who need it most. I know I'm still early in my recovery but this will help me as well. When I was in the program I made the comment that I can't wait to come back in 6 months...someone snapped on me and said that I should NEVER look that far into the future, that its one day at a time. This always bothered me so much. I totally agree with taking it one day at a time but I want to say that there is NOTHING wrong with looking forward to a clean future...in fact I think it's a really good thing. What's wrong with planning for a clean future?  I've been told the same thing on this forum...that its bad to talk about anything that far in the future. If you have such a positive outlook on your sobriety and are feeling so positive you will make it...it is NEVER a bad thing. So I say...go ahead and look forward to your future...however far off you want...because it gives you something to look forward to and a goal to strive for. If your strong enough to make it to 20 days, 30 days and so forth, than you're strong enough to make it for life....it's all up to you. Have a great day everyone!
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I would love to hear what everyone thinks!!
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we are all so different and all so the same. Do what works for you. I think sometimes ppl are quick to want you to do as they do...kinda like religion. I catch myself a lot of the time. It is reassuring when we find things in common with one another.
idk if i said that right...working on my communication skills. I hope that didn't sound too stupid.
I am not sayin they are wrong. Just be kind to eachother.
Having plans to help others can't be wrong. Can it??
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I take one day at a time, but if there is a event coming up that I am really excited about I pray everyday for me to still be clean so I can enjoy it.  It gives me hope and pushes me to make it to that point.  I don't think there is anything wrong with having hope.  Good for you looking forward to share your wonderful experience.  
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