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Oh Canada

I just saw this video and as a Canadian i found it hilarious, but who dosen't love werid al. I find it so funny that some people from the u.s, just a few, lol, think of Canada totally different than what it is. They think we all hunt, wear snowshoes and eat moose meat, lmfao. Now if you go 1500 miles north where the population is 500 than yes it's a little different. I had one person ask if i had heard of britany spears and she was serious, wtf. I watch CNN everyday, and the U.S culture is part of us here also. I wanted to share this video with you, since i am from the great white north. Man this cracked me up.

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Another Canadian comment   = )


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That was great.. had the whole family laughing at Canadians.. LOL thanks gizzy..
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thanx gizzz i needed that......again!!!
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LMAO  That was good.  I'm very familiar with the Canadians as most of them own a house in Florida. lol
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OMG Giz thank you for the lauph that was to funny
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