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Re-grouping and staying clean

Although I have a 'time' in recovery, I am currently struggling. Two weeks ago I went through -another- surgery and unlike other recent surgery's this one has been a constant struggle not to step over the line of abusing pain meds and even contemplating getting drunk. Due to my medical problems I am always aware of taking drugs as prescribed and always aware to be overly cautious with myself. I'm active in AA; however, over these last couple months I have withdrawn. Not sure why? Is it normal to go through a slump of this extent after 'time' in recovery? How does one know if they are depressed or just going through a normal faze of emotional awareness and change?
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Bre...I saw your post sitting there and thought you might need some help in getting answers to it.  You have posted your thread on our "Social side".  There are two Addiction Forums.  At the top of this page, you'll see, under a paragraph written in black type-face, Substance Abuse Addiction Community in blue.  It is underlined.  That takes you to the side where questions like yours are typically posted.  The paragraph at the top of the page pretty much explains what each "side" is for to alleviate any confusion for you.  

I suggest you copy and paste your question to the Substance Abuse Addiction Community.  It should get some responses over there from people who have similar experiences and who might best be able to help you.  

Good luck and welcome to our forum(s).

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The answer to your question is yes. now perhaps a solution to your ( dry drunk ) Is to start your program over  act like a new commer and if you can't get out to meetings have some of your AA friends to bring you one. If the meds are tempting have someone else to dispurse them to you until you feel stronger, What step are you currently working, how often are you talking to your sponsor Are you reading something recovery based every day, are you praying  As you can tell this is a 10th. step inventory taking a clear look at where you have fallen off your recovery program The good news is you can start over any time  you choose to.....I know that in 23 years of recovery I have not  worked  my best program and have had to sit down and inventory things. No matter what DON'T DRINK. If it doesn't kill you physically it will mentally  and emotionally Freebird227
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Thank you and you are right, I needed to reach out as a new-comer. Sometimes it seems hard to sit back and re-evaluate our direction. My recent stress combined with my predisposition for an instant fix has surely played a role in my desire to cave-in. These last couple of days I have had to 'reach out' to people I haven't talked to in while. At this point i'm in the 'fake it till you make it stage'. Thank you again for your support. Have a beautiful day.
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