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Things that make ya go hmmm...

On another thread we were talking about tv shows and stuff.. One thing lead to another it got me thinking (uh-oh) about WEIRD things we see, read or come across! I mean things that are so odd/disturbing /crazy/funny that you literally think about it with your mouth hung open in awe..
Well today I was reading US weekly and it said that Clay Aiken is gonna run for Governor of (NC, I believe)! The information wasn't what disturbed me... HIS FACE DID!!

What has that boy done to himself since his Idol days???
He looks like his face is made of WAX!
IBK said he probably used the same plastic surgeon as Bruce Jenner!! LMAO! That had me rollin because the truth of it is HILARIOUS!!

Anyways, What is something that made you STOP & GO HMMMM...??

(doesn't have to be a recent event)
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The picture of the tat you can't figure out!!!!!!!!!  ROFL
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Did you see that ****????? It's driving me C R A Z Y not knowing!!! LMFAO
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Here's one:

Miley Cyrus (yes, cute lil Hannah Montana)

This was disturbing to see on so many levels.. My daughters used to LOVE Hannah Montana.. Really looked up to her.. I don't want my girls thinking stuff like this is the next step in growing up!!

I'm pretty sure she also lit up a joint and smoked it on stage AGAIN on NATIONAL TV! Maybe she doesn't want to be a role model anymore but it's to **** late for that! She made her millions and became very famous by being just that... A role model and inspiration to tweens and teens everywhere.

I KNOW she had to evolve   grow... And become more than HM!
What I don't get, nor understand is why she's choosing to portray herself in this manner?!?!
When I see MC now I smh in disbelief because I can see the train wreck that is becoming her life.
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( BTW, HMMMM is what ya say when ya can't really figure out WTH to say!)

Another HMMMM moment is when I heard that KIM & KANYE named their baby daughter NORTH ! And NOT JUST NORTH but NORTH WEST!!
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