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Very often we think about what people think of us. We worry too much about their lack of compassion. We concentrate on what the other guy thinks. For the most part we forget that it is not what the other person's opinion of us that counts but how we regard ourselves. Very rarely do we take stock of who we are and what we are truly made of. This gets in our way. For any of us to be complete or as close to complete as possible we must find out who we are and where we are going. Just because we hear derogatory remarks about us does not mean we are really what they say we are. Like many people, we have encountered a blip or a hiccup in life and it scares the hell out of us. We have to ignore those who would toss us into the trash and show that we can be more than just hangers on. We are neither as good or as bad as the next person. we have made a mistake, perhaps a little larger than the normal mistakes, but mistakes can be corrected. 'I JUST NEED A LITTLE MORE TIME.' That is a cop out. We may say it once or twice even three times and that is okay because we are just gathering our wits about us and are sorting and resorting what we are going to do. To say it continually is just trying to excuse the fact that we have no idea what we are going to do or how we are going to do it and we just don't have the incentive to make the move that should be made. The most important person in this scenario is YOU. It is you who must decide whether or not you are willing to go the distance. Stop worrying about what the other guy thinks and concentrate on the guy who needs you the most,YOU, then go for it.
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Great post. It just seems that I forgot myself along the way of my life....
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Ask me in 6 months who I am!!!
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What an awesome post!! I felt as though you were speaking to me directly. I feel this way all the time and due to my addiction feel really bad about now. Your right,, who cares what others think.  This type of thinking makes me isolate from special people in my life because I feel I am being judged. I feel the " I want everyone out of my life" feelings that I am fighting real hard against right now. Great post!

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Actually, I think I'm ok. I just need to hang out with the right people and have a little guidance...cat...=)
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I've learned a long time ago, just because someone says something about me doesn't make it truth.
I am a child of the Living God :worthy: but always a work in progress...sanctified:  set apart to do His good deads :)
God tells me that I am more precious than diamonds and rubies!  How cool is that?
I am a wife.
I am a mother.
I am a daugher.
A sister.
An aunt.
A friend...it you are my friend the whole world could walk out on you and I'd still be there for you no matter what..I guess that makes me loyal.
I have a bad temper (something I'm working hard at) God has His hands full with this one :)
I am a perfectionists, but also procastinator.
The glass is always half full.
I always look for the good in people.
I'm stubborn.
I'm shy ;) ;) ;)
I don't wear my feelings on my shoulders.
People mistake my goodness for a weakness, I'm far from weak :)
When the $it hits the fan, you want me on your side.
I can keep my cool when things are bad, than fall apart after things get better.
I talk waaaay tooooo much lol
I still have many goals and I've accomplished more than I ever thought possible (thank You God)
I should be sleeping but I'm not lol
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