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is adapex safe for me?

I went to my Dr today he gave me a prescription for some non addictive meds for my lovely non moving neck.I asked him2make me an appointment2get my thyroid checked cause I continue to gain wieght over the last few months even though Ive changed my diet etc.He thinks its my AD medicine(makes sense didnt realize it but started gaining+have gained50pounds since I started taking it).He gave me a1month supply of adipex.I know nothing about this or diet meds n general I maintained130pounds for years until now.He said to stretch it out over2months.Im concerned cause he said u can only get this3times a year which worried me.He is fully aware of my addiction history.Does anyone know about this medicine cause Im completely lost here.
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NIH said this:
Most people takephentermine for 3-6 weeks; the length of treatment depends on how you respond to the medication. Phentermine can be habit-forming. Do not take a larger dose, take it more often, or take it for a longer period than your doctor tells you to.
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Yes...it's a diet pill and will do nothing for your neck. Google it so you know exactly what you're taking!
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Yes, it is a diet pill!  Sorry, I thought the poster knew that and then read their post...a bit more slowly!  :)
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I know its a diet pill everyone.Im asking of its dangerous.
Vicki he gave it to me for wieght loss had nothing to do w/pain except as he said losing wieght will help my back pain.He gave it to me and said its just  used VERY short term to get me into the routine of exercising,diet etc.
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The only reason I mentioned my neck is because of my post yesterday I wanted everyone to know I was ok it had nothing to do w/my question.thanx everyone
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Thanx littlebit ur1st post helps as far as explaining how long2take it
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