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37 weeks pregnant took opiates for toothache

Hi I just became 37 weeks, my last OB appointment was on Wednesday. I recently went to the dentist for a took ache Thursday. The ache was so bad I was getting absolutely no sleep on top of the barley there sleep due to me being pregnant. I had some Vicodin left over from a previous doctors visit in the beginning of my pregnancy. I asked the receptionist over the phone telling her I was almost 37 weeks if I could take them until they could get me in there to help with the pain. She said yes, that the doctor prescribed them to pregnant patients also. Plus it wasn't like i had been taking them for a long period of time so they baby wouldn't withdrawal. So I took them over the two weeks before they got me in and my OB appointment.
I did not say anything to my OB when I went it because it completely slipped my mind once they told me I had to strip down. (Wonderful pregnancy tests)
Now I am beyond worried that It is going to show up in baby and cps will take her away. I am so worried I am unable to sleep and am at the verge of making myself ill. I am a worrier and I have just been completely stressed out about the whole thing. A friend told me that they test all of the babies born by testing their cord blood, my due date is May 24th - June 1st (This is my first pregnancy) Is there anyway it will be out of babies cord blood by then??? What should I do?? I am really, really worried sick about this. Please if you can help please do.
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Your doctor prescribed you opiates knowing you were pregnant.  I do not think that was right for him to do.  You took them under his insturction, trusting that he knew what is best.  I say that this is in no way your fault, but the prescribing doctor's.  I pray for your baby's health.  And I pray that this doctor is at the very least reprimanded severely for doing this.  Keep us updated, please!  Blessings - Blu
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I'm not the best person to give advice about the cord blood thing, but I know that if you look online, it says that drug has a certain half life and it's out of your system only 2-3 days after you take it. I imagine if any crosses over to baby, it would be out in the same time frame.

Do you have the bottle from the pain medicine? If you do, you shouldn't worry. It was prescribed to you. If not, as long as you stop taking it you should still be ok in a few days.

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