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5 days and counting

any one else in my situation?
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5 days for me as well...
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I'm working on Day 5 now... WooHoo!!!
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hey, three big congrats to all...

and go on counting days you all , ok ?

how are you doing ? hope you're feeling better.
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Thanks for your support Laurel.. I'm doing good.  Haven't had many withdrawal symptoms.  
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good, rapido.

rapido means fast in spanish, so i wish you count your days very rapido too :)
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Hi Suni,
I've not been on MH for quite.  I successfully tapered off Percocet all by myself, without withdrawal. Perhaps it's bcuz I still take Prozac daily and Xanax 1mg almost daily (Once/day)  Months ago when we first started communicating, u told me that u that u quit the hard drugs, but can't seem to stay off of cigarettes due to anxiety.  I did not understand at the time why u were so anxious and had to smoke.  I think it was because I was on strong narcs (Dilaudid) for my knee pain. At the present I am off the narcs, doing it myself without any medical intervention and no wd's.  But the root of my problem now is ANXIETY. I've moved out of the oppressive burden of the house, went through bankruptcy, and currently waiting for the bank to take back the house.  Last week at this late the bank had the nerve to send me a mortgage loan modification.  I'm not interested in going back to all of that.  I've moved to a lovely one bedroom apt (flat) which I have decorated beautifully.  I am happy and content, but I cannot get rid of this feeling of impending doom and panic very easily over every little set back.  I'm praying and asking for His help but I can't seem to remain COMPLETELY CLEAN. I'M STILL ON Prozac daily and Xanax 1mg at least 4 times per week-one dose. The cigs are down to maybe 5-6 per day and I leave then in my car becuz I don't want to smoke up my lovely new apartment.  Do you think that having been on heavy duty narcs for 3 yrs after my knee replacements has alot to do with not being able to be off of EVERYTHING. I am alone, and even thoug
h I love my new place and have been expanding my social life, I cannot shake the fear that more tragedy is on the way.  Any suggestions? How are u doing?
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