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54 hrs into C/T~Why don't I feel terrible yet?

I posted under a couple of different headings in the last two days, but I really need to know if this is the calm before the storm or maybe I dodged a bullet by tapering down to 2 percs a day before going c/t.  I haven't had the chills, I've slept fine, no runs (altho I took Immodium to avoid them).  The only symptoms I have are a general sluggish feeling and some body aches (mostly in thighs).  I've been putting a heating pad on them and taking hot baths.  Those seem to help.

What are your opinions?  Calm before the storm or dodged a bullet?  THANKS!!
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You may have dodged the bullet by tapering..But only time will tell..I pray you have..Good luck to you !!!!!!
let us know how it goes
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Just thank the good Lord above, but it sounds to me that you dodged a huge bullet.  Tapering must have done wonders for you!
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dodged a bullet, but the body aches may get a little worse or last for a while.  I had my legs on a heating pad for a month.  Tapering does do that.  I felt the same as you when i got to that dose the first time.  Second time......No way.

good luck,
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Wow!.........I wished I could have tapered.  I did try......several times w/failure.  You're so blessed.

Have you ever gone through withdrawals before to know how horrible it is?

If so, then maybe that's why people stick to a taper?

Count your blessings!
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The taper did the trick.. Good luck.

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