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Anyone have info on online N/A meetings?

So...due to the wonderful virus that's making its way across the US, our local N/A meetings have been cancelled.  Kind of makes sense since most of them take place in churchs which have as of this Sunday closed as well.  Does anyone have any experience with online meetings and could recommend a site?
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My therapist just suggested these for me. I don't like it, but...I'll get used to it! I muuuuch prefer doing these in person!
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I did my first "Zoom" N/A meeting last night.  All of the home groups in my area now have these live meetings instead of the online meetings.  I'm not a big fan butttt, it's better then nothing.  But I am quite impressed with how quickly everyone adapted to these!  
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Our Crisis Page (https://www.medhelp.org/general-health/articles/MedHelp-Crisis-Resources/1037) has info for NA (and AA, and others), but the NA site has a meeting search tool that you can use to find a local (unlikely now) or virtual meeting.  


I hope that helps, and that you're staying safe and healthy!
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Thank you. Almost all the meetings in my area are closed until further notice. They took place in churchs and medical facilities so it was expected. Thanks for the info...
Ours are closed too now.
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