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i can't stay clean enough to know
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Where are you at in your addiction or recovery?

It takes some time. Time is what will really heal this. I know that is not what you want to hear, i didn't either. But it is the truth.

The best thing you can do for yourself to speed up your recovery is to get all the outside support you can. This is almost impossible to do alone. Do you see a counselor? Go to meetings? Check them out. It helps tremendously. If you have these things in place for yourself you can really work on it and get to the bottom of your addiction. The sooner you do this the sooner your healing process will truly begin and the sooner you will feel better.

Keep posting. We are here for you...........

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Yes I have and yes you will.    I was addicted to benzos and feel so much better after weeks away from them.     Your drug is of a different class so I can't speak on that.   But these meds take over some of your own body's chemistry.     When your brain senses that your body has enough of certain chemicals,  the meds,   it shuts down the production of its own chemicals.    Withdrawl means you are leaving behind the addicting meds but it takes the brain a while to once again start producing its own chemicals.    The time inbetween can be an awful rough time but you can ride it out with the proper help from your doctor.    I wish you best of luck.
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Yes. In fact, most addicts that make it into sustained recovery find that they appreciate and enjoy life more than ever before. Not just more than when they were in active addiction, but more than EVER before.

I know that recovery brought me into a world, filled with wonderful people, that I never knew existed. At this point, having made it to the other side, I'm very grateful to have become a drug addict. If I hadn't, I would have missed all this.

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I have. A lot of people on here have done it. The best advise I can give you is stay calm and
1 day you will be through all of it.

Aftercare is really important in this.

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Yes, life can be good!  just like others have said it just takes time. I was clean for along time and life really took on a normal routine and everything was great.
but work out why you resort to drugs . for me I used drugs to avoid my problems so when life was troublesome and I got tired of dealig with the issues, what did I do? went back to the needle and the spoon, After 10 yrs of being clean ! I so everyone take heed... Never forget, and don't take your sobriety for granted. We are addicts for life.

but yes Life will be good for you and you will feel so proud of yourself and so strong that you will feel like you can deal with anything!
good luck
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Wow, these comments are REALLY helpful. I see that aftercare is a must. I've been addicted (well, psychologically and mentally) to adderall for about 3 or 4 years and the last I had was about 5 days ago. And they were binges--about 6 day binges out of every thirty days. I do have easy access, and like all of you know, is a major hindrance to recovery. I am sick and tired of adderall, but we know that we can still give our drug the control despite the negative consequences. I've never gotten to this particular point, where just the thought of the drug makes me sick. I want a real life. Thanks again for your input.
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There sure is I am far happier now that i EVER was using.as everyone has said recoverycare plays a big roll in it because exspecially when you first get clean and your still dealing with the mental and physcal hardship is think it is almost impossable to make it threw without the help of recovery care. When addicts dont get it they tend to relapse and trust me you only want to do it once. It took 2 times for me first time no recoverycare.  Second recoverycare now I have over 2 and a half years .You can do it too !!!!
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I know with me it took a few months before I really felt like I can do this. Now I am almost 10mth clean and feel like I have a whole new like to look forward too. Just be patience it will happen
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oh yes...life beyond is so right...no pressures...no worries...just waking up everyday without a crutch living life like life should be lived....it takes some time but so worth it...as kajama said...hang in there...it s going to happen...maria
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""""""" I'm very grateful to have become a drug addict.""""""

I saw that comment and I know it was made in jest (and I understand the context it was written in) BUT no one should ever,  even for a moment,  feel this way.    The world of a drug addict is pure hell and can have a terrible outcome.    
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Ugh. I am really trying to stay off of the pain pills. I have been addicted o them for years and its gotten me into some real trouble in my life. I am past the physical withdrawals now, but I'm only about 4 days or so without them. My doctor put me on Paxil because I was hoping to get off the pain pills and I knew how depressed I get when I don't have pills. I know I shouldn't do this alone, but I kinda have to. My question is, will these awful feelings of fatigue and depression ever go away? Will I start to feel like myself again in time? Anything I can do to speed it up or help?! Please, I need some advice! Thanks, Meg
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