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Codein withdrawal - late symptoms

earch: "I had my first codein receipt about 15 years ago. For the neck pain. Usually I took 4-5 codein (30 mg) and paracetamol (500 mg) tablets per day. This withdrawal is my fifth and has lastened now 35 days. The longest period in the last 15 years without codein... I just wonder still having withdrawal symptoms. Many symptoms are now gone. But I still have pain in joints, I´m terribly tired, have headaches and restless legs. But not any kind of feeling that I would like to take a pill.... Maybe the reason is my long-term usage of that subtance...??? The last year has been very difficult. I got influenza, cronical migraine for many weeks (3 times in a year), discus prolapse in my neck etc. Wish the reason for tireness is also there. There has also happened many sad things among my family and friends...."
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Hi and welcome to the forum.....well your not going to get better in a month from 15yrs of use it may take a wile  the equation we use on the forum is time used...how high of dose....and your age....this will all factor in on your recovery....try to start exorcising start with walking and then build up to a hard cardio progam  this will loosing sore joints and get the natural endorphin's flowing again....recovery take work  we also recamend aftercare....N/A is a great progam and will help you stay clean....you said you have detoxed 5 times now the progam can lift the obsession that keep driving you back....just google a N/A meeting near you...please dont skip this critical part of recovery and keep posting for support..........Gnarly
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35 days sounds good for any person addicted to this chemical. However, In your case it sounds more than excellent. This is your time. You can make a complete U turn in your life and progress towards a life that has a great future. And as the time passes by you will start to realize how beautiful and real the life may start to feel.
Sometimes too much bright light may cause migraines but that does not mean we stop to go outside, we may put on a dark shade. But got to fight and live.
It may not be easy at all to continue your progress while not feeling the way you used to, or enjoying the simple tasks that you did with eyes closed while feeling the thing and confidence. But you must have patience, patience to take time, to do things slowly and things may get irritating but don't you loose control. Keep reminding yourself that you may go into a sort of dormant state, especially the low energy, decreased confidence, etc  and that is essentially the psychological aspect more than the physical that is also there. But once you start getting far away is the moment when you will start to grow again. And this time more stronger than you ever were. You may have learnt many lessons by then, about yourself and life, about what this chemical does. You will be thankful to yourself and may be God as well, to have helped you to run away from codeine. I have used codeine. And it has been a long time. Enough to take me 45 seconds to remember the last use.But I know how tasty it sounds. So, the process is recovery is for life but the progress with time gets doubled or more, to an extent where we may not regret to have used at some point of our lives, because we are so better individuals, unfortunately to have learnt the lessons the hard way. But we did it and we are so much better than others, especially people who never used but their souls are tarnished. Anyways, there are so many tips people can give you to help you with the recovery, especially the supplements that you may need. I believe in using natural products to relieve my troubles, prescribed by a natural health practitioner, specialized in Ayurveda. So many people have died a silent death from codeine.
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Hi. This has been my drug of choice for 19 years (then it got to dihydrocodeine) so give me a private message if you want advice to get off these xx
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10yrs I meant * lol lola xxx
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Hi....I hope you havent got discouraged by this taking so long but each day you dont use is a victory .... as addict ''we want it and we want it now'' recovery does not work like that as time goes by you will continue to see improvements  often there very subtle like sleeping for instance the first 2 mo of my detox off methadone I did not sleep othlser then a cat nap here and there....I thought I would go mad....then I would get a couple of hours  then more as time  went past  the biggest hurdle for me was the  ''energy crash'' by itself it was debilitating  but slowly I got my energy back  but it took work.. I started to walk each day  first all I could do was a block but over time I got up to a mile...''baby steps''  but if your patent and dont fight it progress is possible...I also recamend a good aftercare progam  N/A is free the meetings are only a hour long and the support you get there is ausum...aftercare is a critical step... recovery is a ''we'' thing not a ''I'' thing  just know there is life after this and the disease can be managed with a good progam  keep posting for support.......................Gnarly....................
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Gnarly, I've been on methadone for 10 years now I have a life and I'm scared crappless to get off. I'm the sole bread winner in my family. I want off. It made me fat, my teeth are falling out and I'm so depressed.
Any chance of me getting off or is it just a life sentence like I keep saying??
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