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Ct Norco

Well tomorrow is day one. Felt Easter was a great day to start. A date I can remember. I know I will make it as I have a tremendous faith in God. You prayer warriors keep me in mind. 5 years of running out of Norco has been a night mare. I was meant for more than this. Any suggestions on nutrition is is welcome. Been taking a multi vitamin for a week along with mag and zinc. I know the worst is day 2-3 for me. I will admit I am asking Jesus for some help. Thanks in advance for any help. I have been refined by fire when this is over I know God has a work for me. I want to help others
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Hi I agree you made me simle..Great attitude...Remember that the Journey was not meant to walk alone...I do wish you the best..Just keep on coming back..We are here and care..There is so much more in this Jouney then the detox..But one Step at a time my friend..You just keep us posted OK...It is slow right now....
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Hey & Welcome!

Congratulations on your big decision. Sounds like you've got a great attitude. Faith will be your armor in this battle. Go to the search box in the right hand corner and type "Thomas Recipe". This will give you some tips to help you through the acute and post-acute w/d's . Easter & spring are a great time to do this. A resurrection/rebirth into the life you so deserve. I purposely chose December 25th as my last dose of Methadone. Now, I'm 96 days clean. You can do this! I look forward to your progress. Please, keep posting. We're here for you. Happy Easter! Blessings & Prayers your way.
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Thanks for responding / we are headed for church an I know I have to go. I always learn something of value. I have to work tomorrow an I know this can b difficult as I have ran out of meds before. That's just it u never quit running out of meds. On the Thomas formula is it saying wait till day 4 to use the l-tirozine. Sorry butchered that. God give me strength to be in church today I need it
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Great Job...I love that Sprital, Positive, Force..I have seen many Blessing on here..You just keep comming back..OK !..I just wanted to tell u that I take the cal, magnz, ds, and sometimes a Melatonin at night..I take all the L-s That are amino-acids compunded (a-v) This is for Protein Protection and helps heal the brain..I take vit/min in a lig...and I read on here about the Rhodiola...It gives nutritive support for a healthy stamina level..Drink lots of Eletrolyte drinks and water for the brain & body....Exercise helps build the Serintoin, Enorphines and Gabba back up...Keep checking back ..
God Bless You..
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Thanks for the info. You stated  you take all the Ls okay I can conclude probably several. Seems to b a lot of discussion on good quality vitamins. Do you spend the money on a certain brand. I am a retired fireman which likely 70 percent leave the job have damaged backs. People who's house is burning dont want us to do strechs before we jump roofs an carry heavy tools. Thus older fire fighters damage their backs over time. Now I work investigating fires for insurance companies. So tomorrow I have to work thru a burned up house. Day 2 an 3 is the worst so I am needlessly nervous. This will be my last day 2an 3. Please post of vitamin quality even preferred brand
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Thank you for it post. I'm starting the taper down process, tomorrow. When I read it, I felt hope! Keep posting for the ones, right behind you. Congratulations!
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Hi I will have to PM you OK..You can go to the Health food store and get some good ones...I got the amino-acids there..The bottle says PROTEIN on it..And the Rhodiola from there too...You can get most of it there..I like the vit/min in the liguid form...You can get something called "Calm" there too..It is the magnz and such..It is in powder..Works great for Anxiety and Sleep..It is like a downer if you know what I mean.. Feel free to PM me if you want too Ok..I will see how u r doing..Get the Bs too..Talk to them and they can help you out.   They have alot of good things and information on how and why to use the things to help...OK You are good to go..
OH Yes Thank You for saving alot of Homes and People in your days as a Fireman...Hats off to you.....
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I am totally going to pray for you as well Im starting my fifth year on prescribed norcos and go through hundreds a month its sick. I need to know someone can do it. Ive quit before and only get a month or so and cave right in. My life is so different then it used to be I could go on and on. Im sick all day everyday because of these pills I never do anything. Im always feeling lost but cant imagine my life without them my anxiety is horrible already before I even started pills. It just helps me know there are other people out there like me. I hope to GOD you can stop. I need to know it can be done.
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Hi Did you start your own post about the way you feel..It looks like you have been on here for awhile..In May??I got clean in Sept and I am still clean today..Come on back......
May God Be with You..
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Thanks to all the wonderful folks who have wished me well. Most of all for this day 2 MIRACLE. I was ready for the day 2 misery. I have taken Norco 10 for 5 yrs like my BROTHER norcodude39. I had a fire to investigate this morning and didn't know how I would make it. I have been through many day 2s. Sorry I just cried for a second to many Easter Jesus movies yesterday. I began to wake up at 6 this morning and said something is wrong I should feel terrible but I don't. My friends I have no symptoms of withdrawal. This is a miracle for me. I have been refined by fire. I will keep you posted and thanks my friends and thank you Lord for this miracle an this day. Norcodude39 I am with you brother - please someone help norco dude start a thread took me forever to start a thread. I AM SO BLESSED
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Hello and Welcome
I am so happy your day 2 is going good.
Day 2 wasn't too bad for me as well only day 3-4 and that was very do able.
It's wonderful to have people like you who care enough for others to risk your own life to save ours and our homes!!
God bless you!!!

Now it's your turn to let us all on here to help you thru this!

You deserve this!!
You can do it this time.
Last time!!!

I am on and off here a lot with being in a 18 wheeler all the time
If you need seine to talk to just PM me.

I'm here for support.

Stay with us , everyone
On this site is Wonderful, so caring and supportive.
We're all here to help you!!!

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Thanks Lesa mine has been day 2 in the past. I am so thankful an believe I will not have withdrawals. I have had a similar miracle in the past. I am weak but actually investigating a house fire now. I served OCFD for 25 yrs now I investigate fires for insurance companies. I would say we have lost 2 of my brothers to pain pills in last few yrs. they all had bad backs from the back breaking work. Can't roll up to a house fire an tell occupants got to do a few stretches first :-). Again just weak but feel a miracle had occurred
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