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Day 12 Fentanyl w/d and an Activated charcoal ?

I'm on day 12 or so of Fentanyl withdrawal, it's been h*ll. I am also still on 6 percs a day, which hasn't helped make the w/d any easier, I don't think. I'm still so sick. I definitely feel better than the first 7 days, but I'm still having most of the withdrawal symptoms, specifically major debilitating nausea, weakness/tiredness, trouble sleeping, restless legs. Is this normal? And is being on the percs somehow making things worse? (need for pain)

Does anyone know if activated charcoal would get all drugs out of the system, or is that just for acute overdose?

Thank you!
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Don't do anything like that without talking to a doctor!  I've never heard of anyone using that for the reason you're talking about.  

The percocet could very well be dragging the WD out.  I would give the doctor a call, and see what they say to do.  Maybe there is something else going on.  It's hard to say.  Fentanyl is a bugger to get off of.  I've done it.  NOT fun but it didn't last as long as you are talking about.

I'd give the doc a call in the morning. : )
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Oh, no worries, I'm not rushing out to drink charcoal - that stuff is nasty and nearly impossible to choke down - I was just wondering.

I have a doc appt coming up in a couple days, I'll be sure to ask him if the percs are dragging out my w/d. I still need something for pain, I just wanted off the Fentanyl.

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