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Day 18 And loving life

Hi all hope everyone is well. Life is good here, happier than I have been in 2 years. I thank God everyday for leading me to this site, and pray for all of you daily. Life on the other side is so beautiful and since I KNOW that I am deleivered, the old me is dead and buried. For anyone having a rough time, hang in there it is well worth the ride. Everyday just gets better and better, and IT CAN BE DONE Much thanks to everyone here for all the support, I can't thank you enough.... "Greater is He that lives within me".... Everyone please check out my post on the social side, it is a wonderdful and encouraging read"My Never Again List" please check it out... Much luv. Dedicated
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What did I say. Your amazing well done you. Your on your way now. Go girl. I am so proud of you and glad your enjoy being clean. Its amazing how much strength we have inside of us. Reach for the stars dedicated anything is possible now. Enjoy your life with your family. I am so proud I am 25 days clean just got my liver test today. Get results soon hopefully I haven't hurt my liver with a that nastiness.

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Congrats to you 25 days!!!! Yes life is amazing and I am so happy for you. I Know those test results are gonna come back absolutely normal, that's my confession for you!! Wooo hoo to life.... Much luv DTS
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Might I add I prayed lastnight to get my W2's in the mail today, and yep got em, and got filed!! God Is Amazing, he knows our every need!
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