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Delerius like thinking, prior serotonin syndrome, dxm use

Hi all.
I am starting to get a bit iffy for my general wellbeing asked on other subs but I didn't get a concrete answer...

The drugs were gone from my system days ago (I posted on monday on a different forum, my thinking is a bit foggy I think it was sunday or sat I took it one the day before the other, so first plat/sub first plat on both days) and I know SS can't last this long what's going on.

Went to the ER they think it was serotonin toxicity too, it could last up to 45 hours but it's been longer than that, well actually the SS symptoms are basically gone but it still feels like it's messed up my transmitters and that said come back and tell them. Ideally I'd rather not as it'll mean a, presumably, a stint in the hospital which may help then again I'm afraid (although this is less common these days) I might be mistreat, injected with antipsychotics or something or admitted to the phsyicatric facility. So really that's a last option I live with folks and that so they would have to get used to my departure. I already have general issues with my mental from bullying or trauma or sensitivities.

I've been waxing and waning honestly since the experience, minor things creep me out or trigger me and I got dp.dr a bit too I now think I may have hppd my headspace is all over the place it feels like I am occasionally put back into the dxm headspace, or just an anxious headspace in general sometimes. I have this delerius thinking too, I think it's either an infection (easy test for that but past times I used Dex I felt alright mentally but it usually had some effect on my kidneys it's why I say that). I wouldn't post unless I was concerned. I know it's not like brain damage or out like that, it's not really hypochondria thought either, it's impacted my MH.

Where do I go from here?

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I'm sorry no one has responded to you.  That stinks.  You ARE working with a psychiatrist, correct?  SS is no joke and sorry that happened. The anxiety/depression forum here at mh is pretty good. Check it out.  But have you tried any other classes of medication to try to help?  
Thank you I wrote an update, and I also wrote about this on Reddit/another forum, they suggested I was either a slow metabolizer, or it's something else. Idk if there's even such a thing as a feedback loop.
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I'm a layperson.

I'm working with my GP who now knows I smoke weed, drink, and occasionally do "drugs".

As an attempt to 'fix' my previous anhedonia from substance use, I use or used supplements.

They know that for certain.

I no longer use supplements, until I had the not so wise idea to consume 5htp with dxm, bad bad decision, yet that was like a month ago, it's probably a good thing I'm not on antidepressants (debatable) as I think the after effects or lingering effects would be worse, whereas 5htp is just a precursor. There's something odd going on in my body, my stomach grumbles, I have some digestive issues, I don't know exactly what but I can't help but feel that's why it's lasting... But a month? The actual (headspace) of the experience feels like it's linked to my digestion, 90 percent of serotonin receptors are in the gut so go figure, it's not a constant thing, and it's not SS anymore, but I thought it may have been hppd. The actual experience is linked to fluctuations in NT levels it feels.

I've been seen as I say, my vitals and that are fairly normal, it's nothing any much worse than the next person yet they said I had some abnormalities on my ECG, I went on holiday, felt better but still a bit dissociated. Ig the body is a complex multi system so there isn't much point in focusing on a single part. Yes I'm getting help from my GP and the ER team ruled out red flags yet I'm concerned maybe this could lead to a phsyicatric issue, and am trying to take the advice of others, online people too like the guy who told me to get off everything. Which I have. Well, I hope if I try to stop drinking this will eventually resolve itself. It's like it's some feedback loop, that's what I told the nurses/doctor.

I also as per the dex thing, still get random intuitive insights into what I think people are going to say next and that which is interesting and fun for like 6-12 hours but not a month, feels like lightyears.
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