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Does anyone have any tips for depression? I have the amino acids and vitamins but nothing seems to help. Is there a home remedy for depression? Are there any tricks of the trade, so to speak?
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I think its called 'Johnson's Wort"...could be wrong, probably am on the Johnson part, but pretty sure the "Wort" part is correct. You should be able to get this at any store that sells vitamins and minerals. Best of luck
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EXERCISE!...swear it works...today I did an hour yoga class and 45 minutes of cardio...I am not even tired tonight and having company over...releases endorphins that make you happy...dont get addicted to it tho!  LOL   u know people do get addicted to running for the high...my sister runs 7 miles a day and if she has to miss a day it really affects her....better than pills tho
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st johns wart

recommend some serious drinking :-) ... kust kidding

exercise kept me sane these past two months along with a bunch of aminos, etc..

You can see your doc for something..


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How long have you been feeling depressed? Also, not to get too clinical but what kind of symptoms are you having? I'm sure that sounds like a dumb question when someone says they are depressed, but really, there are certain symptoms that would indicate a serious, clinical depression versus a case of feeling really down or sad based on a situational stressor - i.e. withdrawal.  Obviously, feeling sad is feeling sad regardless of the cause but how you treat it does matter and that's why it's important to distinguish b/t the two. If you don't want to get into all of the details on a post, you can pm me, if you're comfortable with that and maybe I can help you more.
If you aren't comfortable with any of that, I would strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor. He/she can help decide if medication is indicated or not.

Also, exercise is really good for helping depression - increasing endorphins to make you feel better.
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If you're still in the w/d phase, and it's from that, the depression will be from that (low Serotonin available in your brain).  This may take a while to go on it's own, so some steps are certainly in order to get you coping again.  Mike was right about the supplement name, St. John's Wort.  Even docs. prescribe it for depression.  It is thought to work by inhibiting the reuptake of Serotonin and other neurotransmitters.  The recommended adult dose for depression is 300 mg. of hypericum extract (active ingredient) three times daily.  You could give it a try.  It will take 10-14 days to start working and peaks at 4-6 weeks.  If you're gonna try it, let me know for some tips.  I'd recommend chocolate, it has been clinically shown to elevate mood, and anything that normally makes you happy, like music for example.  While these things will not help if you have severe depression, they may help alot if it's mild to moderate.  You and your doc. could always opt for an anti-depressant as well.  As persnick says, exercise also helps......   Sorry you're so blue......Jacqui
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