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Does 10 mg methadone=60mg codeine?

I just read that per every 10mg of methadone, it's equal to about 60 mg of codeine??? No way right?  I get 150 methadone at the clinic daily!!!!
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No, that's not right. It equals about 4mg methadone...
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I said that. I believe I am pretty close to right. It is just a difference in the drug, that I cannot explain. The ingreidients in the drug. Not trying to argue with anyone. Just shareing what I have learned in the last year. I have studied this for a long time. I have been in other chatrooms. If I can find the place, I will let u know. I am in a torment myself and am on 7.5mg of methadone. Methadone is 6X a higher drug than most. Not to get alarmed about if we r doing what we r suppose to do and under a doctor's care and all.
V., u r saying 4mg of meth? U mean 4 of hydro by any chance in what u have learned? U learned 4. I have learned 6.
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The ratio is an approximation:

15mg of Codeine = APPROXIMATELY 1mg of methadone
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So at the clinic I'm on 150, 3 40's 1 half a 40 and 1 quarter. Totaling 150 is that Mg of methadone? I'm kind of tripping.  I used about 100-150 Mgs of codeine and sometimes about 200-400 of morphine daily.  5-7 roxy 30's and 2-4 morphine 100's a day.  Now I've not touched a pill but I do take 150 methadone daily since February 6 of this year. Is this a horrible thing I'm doing or what? Please help
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Yes, it's mgs. Tablets are always mgs.

Don't you take more than 150mg per day?  I think you wrote in another thread that you also buy methadone on the street...it gets a little confusing with all the different threads going...

If I'm understanding correctly, you were taking high doses of pills every day and you have to buy extra methadone away from the clinic. That makes you unstable right now. You have to talk to the clinic about this because its their job to get you at a comfortable dose and you need to keep yourself safe...Getting junk on the street is dangerous and the purpose of MMT is to avoid that behavior....
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Check out medcalc.com. It has an equivalent chart. 150mgs of methadone is 1950mgs of codeine. 150mgs of codeine is .8mgs of methadone. I tapered down to 160mgs of methadone in the end, I would take 600-800mgs of morphine to feel good enough. Don't underestimate methadone. 1mg would be enough for your dosage of codeine, according to one of the only equivalent charts that has not been removed from the web. CT from 150mgs of codeine is easier than 10mgs of methadone detox. My opinion, but lots of experience to back that up. Be safe, think twice, act once. You are on your way.
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By the way, I am a street methadone addict, it almost killed me, Vicki is right, be very careful. As it builds up in your system, with it's long half life, you may not feel yourself reaching OD amounts, I didn't. I OD's, like respiratory arrest at least 3 times. Take this drug seriously, or go to subs, but don't think you are more strong than methadone, it has killed more friends than all other drugs combined.
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I just posted a conversion link on your other thread. These are rough estimates & there are many factors that must be considered when making the calculation. Vicki & Weaver are absolutely right!! M'done for the uninitiated can be fatal. I've had friends who were actual heroin addicts od & also, die that way. (Getting it casually on the street.) At a clinic they start you low, observe you & bring you up slowly. Methadone builds & builds until you're acclimated & you reach a 'steady state' dose. If you od, even after they give you an antagonist in the hospital, they'll still keep you for observation as there's still a risk of going under because of it's long half-life & the way it builds.

Here's a cut & paste from your other post:

Here's a 'Equianalgesic' conversion table link (best one I could find, anyway):


According to this 10 mgs of Hydrocodone = 1.35 mgs. of Methadone. Bear in mind that these are considered rough estimates & that age, cross-tolerance & pre-existing conditions must be factored in. Also, there's quite a range of how people metabolize opiates. So, what might be true for one person is not necessarily true for another.
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Great post Evolver, hope we got our point across. Veteran methadone addicts have a different take on that drug. It can help or kill, no exaggeration. Thanks again Annie.
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Just thought I'd join in with the other methadone old timers on here, please do not treat that drug like other drugs its a killer & it has a half life like no other drug has, I was a street buyer as well as on my own prescription & it may save your life at the beginning it may just cost you A life in the end it will love you till your hooked then it will pull all the walls down round about you Then before u know it 20 yrs has passed & you wonder Why did I start this journey ( this is my & I'm sure most methadone addicts experience). I'd say the pills wouldn't even have a look in when it comes to methadone. Unless you were taking A hell of a lot, My advice is stable on your methadone then start detoxing off it when ur ready But don't wait years like us its a progressive illness addiction & the longer you use the longer & harder to WD off The good news is all us guys are free from the devils imp today. Good luck God bless & remember once u put your hands in the flames of hell then u may just be burned for a long time, Please there's a reason synphetics are worse than other drugs, ITs man made!!! Forgive the rant I'm full of the cold after 5 weeks off this crap :(
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Sorry I have so many threads here, I am new so I wasn't aware I needed to be sure and ask all my questions on one post.  I clearly stated that as of Thursday my mother is holding my take homes so I don't use more than my 150 daily and have to buy off the streets.  With that said, I am not on here to lie about anything at all.  I am only here because I'm worried because I DO tell my councilor at the clinic that I was using m-done off the street along with my 150 from them and all he does is tell me I'm not at a stable dose and adds 10 Mgs to me.  I'm scared to death being on 150 but idk what to do now.  I know me and I will go straight to pills again if I stop now.  I was a heavy user for 20 years, a nurse, easy to get, easy to hide my addiction, this has been the first time I've not used pain pills in my life but I've only traded my addiction from pills to done.  
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Hun you need to stick to a steady dose for a couple weeks and drop down from there. You are taking 150mgs a day. You are buying mor from the streets? How much more?
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I just read your post about methadone I was on 90mg daily I have just reached my end of my journey on methadone I had to reduce aa slowly but am at the end but of you are buying it from the street as well as what your prescribed the only thing anyone can do is keep increasing your daily amount and I don't know how much higher they will be willing to go I guess you need to be in a place where you are ready to be stable and find out why you took the tablets in the first place or at least that was what o had to do good luck
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