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Does NA still consider cannabis a narcotic?

I have been off of all drugs for over a year. After a 19 year hydrocodone addiction followed by a 7 year Suboxone addiction I am finally clean and free! I checked out NA in 2002. They were not cannabis friendly then (except for small talked about circles). Since people on Suboxone are welcomed in NA, I am just wondering if a silent cannabis activist would be welcome? Would they be offered clean time if they used cannabis?
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Really... "NA and AA are about being able to face life w/o any substances at all." They must have changed? No SSRI's? No nicotine? No caffeine? No brain dope? No dry drunks? Hell I might give it another chance... I am going to try Smart Recovery first.
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That doesn't make any sense to me but good luck to you.
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Thanks for your response. Just like the classification, nothing has changed. They are probably still chugging coffee and chain-smoking...
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Just being in a room with heavy smokers will give me an allergy attack from the smoke on their clothes...
Hi, ha ha, no chain smoking or guzzling bad coffee like from movies from 1956.  Interesting that cig smokers are intolerable to you being a cannabis smoker! Anyway, here's the thing: being clean and going to NA/AA is about being able to face life w/o any substances at all. It's so terrifying to us. I think it would be of value to you to see what feelings come up for you if you were to give up weed for 30 days. Does the idea terrify you, for example? That is telling you something. Try it, see what you learn. Also, go to NA and see what you learn. Be open, you never know what epiphanies you may have.
I routinely stop for one reason or another. Like taking my teenager to San Francisco and abstaining for 10 days. I would have loved to try their legal wares...
The hardest thing about quitting is the desire to quit. Most people quit because of pee tests or raising children in a world of DARE. Drug tests are THC biased also.
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As an active N/A member (who is currently attempting to quit smoking and going insane)  the attitude I take with suboxone is, please come to meetings, learn all you can, make connections with people and get numbers.  The only thing I ask is that you don't collect clean time until your off the subs.  As far as cannabis is concerned....that would be considered using.  
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Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that is scheduled as a narcotic. Yes NA still considers it a drug Because just like alcohol it is a drug. Congratulations on all you  have accomplished !
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Lol and yes cannabis is still considered a narcotic. Never answered that.
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Hi congrats on your clean time. I am happy for you and very proud of you. I do know that suboxone is frowned by many fellowships. Being on suboxone is not considered "being clean". Then again there is the clause " the desire to stop using" which is what the person is doing on the subs or meth.
It is supposed to be abstinence from any kind of altering drugs. That being said if someone is on mmt or subs long term and need support what options are there?
About the cannabis.??
Not sure how to respond.
Legal in many states & becoming more so but,
Alcohol is also legal. I believe cigarettes are also mind altering as is caffeine.
I would probably think it would be frowned upon. I wouldn't want you to not go though because of it. I just wouldn't announce it.
I am sure there would be many who do if they were honest.
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