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Does it get better?

Does the anxiety go away after w/d symtoms past.  My only fear is the anxiety.
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Hi and welcome to the forum   as for the anxzity  it will pass with time   it really depends on how hard and long you used....just know there is light at the end of the tunnel but it can take some time
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people who never used may suffer from anxiety too. You must create a belief system against the anxieties. And play safe till you are confident about your well being. Addiction is itself a big anxiety.
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The anxiety is because you don't yet believe that you can live without your drug. The future seems hard and uncertain. Thankfully, once you have some sober time in these fears will dissipate. You will see that you can do it and that will be that. St John's Wart, an herb available at the drug store, or an antidepressant prescribed by your doctor will help.
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it will if it is only from the drugs adn withdrawal but if you were self medicating to treat anxiety you wont get better without other help
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