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Downtime in recovery

Can any one tell me some fun things to do that has worked for them in there recovery
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I don't know if you will consider this 'fun' or not, but I reach out to my sober friends and talk to them daily and I make a conscious effort to give back in some way daily whether it's on here, volunteering, or just being there for a friend in crisis. Besides the obvious after care that is so important, these things have really helped me make it almost 9 months clean. I also am learning to let stuff go, not dwell on things, and not hold grudges. It's toxic, pointless, and only hurts you. I also am learning to put myself and my needs first. All important stuff, but not necessarily fun.
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Everything ariley said I agree with! Its good to work on your recovery and extremely helpful to the people you help and yourself too
Recovery has a lot to do with finding the real you. What did you like to do before when you were clean?

There are lots of fun things that can be even funner sober than messed up.

Some things I like or would suggest is getting involved in the recovery community, maybe see a therapist to talk and figure out who you really are and what you really like. Exercise of any kind is a great thing to get into. I love reading and music and hanging with my kids and my clean friends. Movies are good and distracting.
Just some suggestions and things I do. Keep working in it and you will find something you love.
Sending you trust faith and pixie dust!!! :-)))
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Thanks for all the suggestion I will put all of them to use I made to thr another day I no I can get back to109 it just ***** so bad having to start over I was doing so good
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Find good book, find a binge-worthy series on netflix like Breaking Bad, go walk the dog, drive somewhere beautiful. Go to a meeting, go on a hike. Make some cookies, call a friend. That's what I do....
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