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Dr Appt

Hi everyone,
The time has come.  I'm now on Oxy 10mgs ER.  This will be it the doctor said the end of my taper.  He said actually that most people tappering don't even miss the 10illigrams.  Is this true?  Is 10mg ER nothing?  So the test will be after 2 weeks how will my body be?  Has anyone tappered off Oxy and were you successful?  I can only feel a buzz if I chew them otherwise i have no feeling when I take it.  The doctor said hes been babying me on this and this is it.  He said if you don't succeed you will be going to an addiction specialist.  
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It depends on how much you were on and for how long... I was on percocet 10mg and was switched to something without oxycodone and I didn't even notice.  I actually lost my percocet/oxycodone for a short time without notice b/c of an irregular urine screen and had no withdrawals... I just thought I was lucky... Good luck!
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Everyone is completely different. Here's a brief synopsis of my experience for you so you can anticipate what might happen.

I had only 5 weeks exposure to 15 mg per day of oxycodone for pain management after my knee surgery. Compared to most, that's a pretty liight exposure. Nevertheless, apparently I am extrememly sensitive to the drug and therefore became addicted. Consequently I went cold turkey over three weeks ago. My wd had all the usual flu-like symptoms, following by anxiety and depression episodes. Usually the majority of wd's for moderate exposure are pretty much done by 14 days, so yes the two-week mark is a good place to see where you are and to see your doc for further treatment as needed.

Unfortunately the wd effects extended beyond 2 weeks for me. In particular days 18-19 was marked by a sharp 15-minute dehabiliting anxiety episode followed by at least 18 straight-hours of the most extreme fatigue. I had started the anti-depressant citalopram at day 15 (visited my doc), but it's hard to tell whether these symptoms were due to it or the original withdrawal.

I'm now at day 22 in the wd and day 8 with the citalopram with the last 3 straight days feeling O.K. (a milestone!) except for insomia with a mild lack of energy and occasional episodes of restless legs. Interestingly I tried Hylands Restful Legs for the RLS that has been successful for many others but that failed for me. Then I discovered that RLS could also erupt from iron deficiency - so I popped a couple of dietary iron pills - and they worked! What can I say?

So be prepared for anything - hopefully you will be as fortunate as skmedlin27703 and not have to endure what I did. But no matter what, keep going until it's all over and you feel good again.

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Hi~  I know you're trying to taper...so a piece of advice : Don't chew the pills. It will make the taper more difficult.

Good luck~
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I know I shouldn't chew them but Iwas getting bored taking 15mg it was doing anything for me so i chewed one and it was nasty but I got a little buzz.  Now I'm on 10mg for 2 weeks and then I'm done.  I'm very scared thats why i wantto know if after the 10mg will I still go through withdrawls.  The dr prescribed wellbutrin300xl which I have been taking for a month and the phychiatrist prescribed serquel so I was wondering if anyone here was on serquel and how did they react to it.  i finally broke down and took it.  I disagree with dr that i need it,  She thinks I have a mood disorder.  Not taking in consideration I'm taking less oxycontin and my fiance is an alcoholic and our relationship is challenged.  Not sure if I should leave him we have a 4 month old together and he said he won't marry me until I get off of drugs and I stop screaming at him and stop being verbally abusive.  We went to a counseling session and the counsler told him that every finger he points at me theres 3 pointing back at him.  All he did was bash me.  Then he started asking him if he was ever arrested and then he admitted to 4 DUI's and he still drinks.  Foe example he bought a 12 pack and there are 3 beers left.  But hes at home and not driving what can I say?  At least he admitted he is a alcoholic wish I knew that when I s;lept with him.  Too late moved to fast and my life got worse when i met him or am I just blaming him for my problems?  Who knows.  He hasn't made my life better expect for my son.  Thats the only good thing I was able to have a baby.
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Time to focus on you and take care of the matter at hand.  Mudslinging will get you nowhere with your bf.  It just gets worse and worse.  Your relationship sounds toxic to me.  Get yourself better and see where that takes you first.  You cant take on his addiction, only he can do that.         sara
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Hi and welcome,

You should be fine jumping from 10 mg.  You may feel out of sorts for a few days but seriously, it IS a very small dose.

Our minds have a way of "freaking us out" a little when it comes to wd but your use is now so small it should be very tolerable.

Your relationship sounds like a challenge.  As Sarah says, you need to look out for you first.


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You can't blame your BF for your addiction.  You have to be responsible for yourself.  And your son.  Pay no attention to his finger pointing and negativity.  That's so typical of someone actively addicted.  He's trying to deflect blame away from him and onto you.  You each need to own up to your own issues.

As to whether to go or stay, well, only you can decide that.  And please don't let your son influence you in that decision.  Too many people stay "for the kids."  But the truth is, "It's better to come from a broken home than live in a broken home."  By staying, you will be showing your son that is what it is to be a man.  He will learn how to treat women from your boyfriend.  I know.  I did it.  I had 4; 2 boys and 2 girls and stayed nearly 18 years.  I should have left many, many years before.

Will it be hard being a single parent.  Yep.  But guess what?  It's hard doing what you're doing now.  And if your relationship runs like most addictive relationships, you really already are a single parent.  For your own sake and the sake of your child, get clean.  

Only you can make your life better.  And believe me, you can have an amazing one.  Take the time now and get clean.  Your son won't have any real memory of this period of time.  But he will of all the milestones to come.  Don't you want to see all these milestones through clear eyes and with a clear head?

All the things to come are miracles for you to see:  his first steps when he toddles towards you and falls into your arms, laughing and hugging you and so proud of himself.  The first night that he's up sick all night and needs you.  You don't want to be high, do you?  Rocking him and comforting him and letting him know he's safe in your arms.

Then there's the first day at the playground.  When he'll meet his first friend.  And you'll be there to catch him when he comes down the slide because he'll be a little anxious climbing to the top.  But because he trusts you, he'll make it.  And when he comes off and hugs you and tells you, "Mommy, I did it," will make all your highs pale in comparison.

I could go on with this, but I think you get the idea.  I know you love your son.  And I'm sure you love your BF.  Difference is, the BF is a grown up.  If he doesn't want to do the right thing, cut him out of your life until he does.  He'll only bring you and that baby down.  Addiction is progressive.  You'll end up with money problems, legal problems, maybe infidelity and abuse.  It's an ugly road to be on.

And when you don't think you know what to do, ask yourself this question:  "If my BF was a stranger, would I want my child around him and influenced by him?  Would I want him around me?"  If the answer is no, there you go.  You owe him nothing.  And you owe that baby and yourself everything.  I know it's not easy but it is very rewarding.
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