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End of day 3- no norcos!

The cloud and wds are better today. This time i did the minerals in the Thomas recipe... And after tapering... Made all the difference. I also started Vibryd yesterday and feel it has kicked in already. I can get more norcos Friday, but we will see how strong I am. Thanks for the support
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Hey, congrats on day 3!!! The absolute KEY to early success in being clean from opiates is to cut all contacts. This is an absolute must. It has nothing to do w/ how "strong" you are. Your addict brain will convince you to get them at this early stage. Are they from a dealer? A script? Call pharmacy and cancel or BLOCK the dealer's number. No excuses. You can do this.
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Thank you. Norcos from a dealer-i teach in a small town-cant risk anything-im going to do my best. I just made appt with a therapist, but not til end of may... Maybe i will at least be able to get clean for good when school is out
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david dont turn back now man , im on day 3 with you. ive been coming to see your progress, as my wds havent even started, i actually could cut the grass, and go shopping.
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Are u doing the thomas recipe? It really helps. Are u getting on an anti-depressant? Vibryd kicks in quickly. Thanks for the support... Are u going to meetings? I havent... This forum has been the closest i have come...
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i have most of the stuff but benzos,  i have paxil , but havent started it yet. and no i have not gone to meetings i was waiting till i got out of the sick part of the wds which really havent happend.
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