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How am I suppose to exercise if my hearts racing already from anxiety?! I took my last 1/2 yesterday at 3 and anxiety attacks are popping up! Took 1/2 of a 1mg clonapin Nd waiting for the calming affect. Having cravings, but pushing though. I did the taper method and took the plunge when I reached 1 1/2 a day of hydro 10.... Should I exercise when clonapin takes affect? I'm a train wreck today! Tried steam cleaning my floors, but my hearts racing to much.
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Maybe not focus on exercise today. Maybe just rest until you feel like exercise - then just do some walking.

Hang in there!!
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I agree with Wilde...take it easy and just do some light exercise or housework. Do you have access to a pool that your could maybe float around or do laps in? If you're experiencing high anxiety I would recommend soaking in an epsom salt bath instead of jogging around the block:). Take it easy and take care of yourself. Congrats to you for taking the leap! The first few days are rough but just keep reminding yourself why you're doing it and get pumped up!
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Just do what you can. No need to expect to run a marathon yet! ;) Even taking a couple 15 minute walks a day can help. Any exercise will help with the anxiety and also make you more likely to get some sleep. Stay as active as you can. I know you really don't feel like it, but you have to push yourself. The more active you are, the quicker you will heal. Hang in there. You are doing great!
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I don't feel horrible. My hearts just racing from anxiety. I managed to steam clean my living room. I had a few cravings earlier, but I'm done with it. The clonapin has helped my heart rate.. It was crazy.. My testing rate was 160... Anxiety at its best. I already suffer from anxiety, so I know what's happening. I've been sneezing like crazy, but I can handle it. Relaxing right now. Think I'm going to go for a cruise on my golf cart. I have dinner to cook later. I'm holding my own! Thanks everyone!
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*resting rate
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Good for you!!
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I think YOU are doing really good. You brought back some memories for me about how bad my Anxiety was and my Heart was a just pumping fast and it hurt..Give it time it will drop soon.
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I know you don't feel like it, but if you just push yourself & go out in the sunshine for a walk, it will help you soooooo much!!  Walking will actually help w/the anxiety!  When I went thru methadone withdrawal, that was the one thing that really helped & got me thru it so quick!  Also, when you feel like that, make sure to take slow deep breathes!  You will be amazed how much it will help!...
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When I detoxed two years ago, I tried to go to the gym and it was a disaster.  I would walk in and have to walk out 5 minutes later (no joke).  You should wait until you are ready.  What is the hurry?  I too want to work out and my husband mentioned yesterday that he is paying for a gym membership that I am not using and I feel pressure to go but you know what?  I am not ready and am not going to set myself up for the disappointment and horrible feeling if I walk in and can't stay more than 5 minutes.  One thing at a time.  Hang in there.
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Thank you! I took a ride on the  golf cart. It's nice outside. It helped some. Going to try to steam clean my room! Thanks for l the advice!:)
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My heart raced and when I moved as fast as my heart did I felt normal if that makes sense! I was packing and moving so I didnt notice it unless i was still i had to keep busy!!
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I would say if your steam cleaning ANYTHING , you are exercising plenty for now. My worst symptoms were anxiety (heart racing) and headache and I gave myself 2 days rest, then I plowed back into my routine. The exercise combined with music calmed my nerves and brought out lots of tears that needed to flow. Listen to your body, but push it when you can.
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Thanks everyone! I fell asleep.. Only to wake up with a racing heart. It's crazy... Over all today hasn't been to bad.. I've eaten, and been okay. Sneezing set in and now my tummy is rumbling. Going to go for another ride around the neighbor hood in a min. Maybe me tapering help me tremendously. Going to get me a Gatorade too. 1 day sober:):):)
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A golf cart sounds like fun.  What made you get one of those?  :)

Day 1 down without too many issues.  I think you are going to be fine.
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Jusr roll with the racing heart. It will be that way for a few weeks. For me, I just would get up and get moving and it would settle. It seemed to happen at the same time each day for a bit. Keep small bits of food in your tummy and drink lots of fluid. Your doing GREAT!
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We live in a neighborhood where everyone has a golf cart. It's actually relaxing to get on it and ride:)
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I remember one time we put the Golf Carts together. Like the 3 wheels against the 3 wheels and such, we had a Golf Cart day of races. It was fun.

You can pick up this Natural Powered called Calm..it is a relaxing Magnesium Supplement.
Always just take baby steps right now. If we want to get it all done at once it can cause a Trigger to use. Hang tight to that Surf Board and Ride the Waves, you will be on the beach Walking in the Sand in no Time.

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