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Forty One Days......

......and going strong. I cannot believe how good it feels to be living life sober. I never for a minute thought i could be where i am today, and feeling so alive. The hell of withdrawl although extremely unpleasant was so worth the way i feel today. I wasted ten years of my life that i can never have back, but i will never waste another day!!!!!
Thanks to each and everyone of one that encouraged and supported my addventure of reclaiming my life. Not convinced that i could have made it this far without your help. You guys are amazing!!!!!!
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Good for you...I thought the same way...I wanted to quit,,,kind of knew I needed to but the extra nudge from this place and the kind people that showed me how, made the difference..
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Thank you so much for posting this.   People just starting out need to see it.  I am so happy for you, Jen.   Keep up the good work.
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