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Hi guys I was able to gather a little energy to update. Feeling little better still having the muscle aches . The worst is THE LEGS. WOW!  Is it going to get worse from her ?
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Not sure hun.  Everyone is different so it's hard to say.  When did you take your last pill?  Was it yesterday morning?
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Drink lots of gatorade as there is potassium in it and it is good for leg pain.
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yesterday morning but day before i only had 4 5mg started withdrawl then. used to take over 25 10 mg/day
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Hey Hope...you may get lucky and are through the worst of it...but as posted..depends on the person, age, amount,duration level of fitness...i can say that in a few short days you will be turning the corner...my muscles ached for days with exhaustion..felt like i woke up in a 90 year old body with a migraine....baths come in way handy now..i took 5 a day....felt like crap but i was clean.....  ha

you are very much on your way,,,,hang on little bit longer....

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Hi hope and congrats on your decision to get clean. The legs are pretty damn horrible the first week or so, but you can do it. Tomorrow will be day 14 for me, so yes you can do it.
It will get worse before it gets better, but that is the reason that you hopefully prepared.
Thomas recipe
Immodium (a must)
Lots of hot baths/showers.
Try and and relax, listen to some music, funny movies, and a very important part for me was, reading this site and keep posting.
It took my mind off things to keep posting, and so much support, inspiration and lov is found on this site.
Good luck and best wishes
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Yeah like Free says you may be through the worst. Don't be alarmed if you are hit with a few more waves of it because they come in and then pass.
It may not even happen but just relax if they do. Make sure you are drinking lots of fluids and especially the gatorade for the potassium.
You are doing great sweety.  So happy for you.
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