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Happy holidays

I just wanted stop by here and wish everyone happy holidays and happy new years,it's been a while  since I've been on here,this site and the people on here really helped me through hard times,I've been over a year clean now,I'm feeling 100%,when I look back on how I was this time last year,I feel blessed to be participating in life again,I'm healthy,happy,and excited about the future,it ain't all roses,life is stressful at times,and to be quite honest  boy am I glad the Xmas Is over
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Congrats on your clean time!!!  Nice to see you checking in.  I am with you, glad Christmas is over!!!
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Congrats one yr is pretty amazing
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Thank you for coming back and letting us know how you're doing.  A whole year is MAGNIFICENT!!  Keep your guard up and keep passing it on.  You know the saying, "In order to keep it, we have to give it away".
Enjoy the rest of the holiday season☼
(Glad you used the word "Almost"...because none of us is hopeless.)
My favorite:  H O P E = Hang On Pain Ends
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