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Has anyone ever heard of Provigil?

hey guys. has anyone ever heard of,or taken provigil? kristens lupus doctor prescribed her provigil for the constant  fatigue being that it is the most debilitating of all her symtoms minus the depression and anxiety which is becoing controlled with the treatent facility that she is in. i read a lot about it and it said that it was much less likely for it to be addictive. also, it doesnt work from the nervous system so it wont make her really jittery. i want the best route of treatment for her, but this is all so new to me and i am having trouble learning it all. any info would really be helpful. thank you so much.

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i heard of someone on here taking it for withdrawl. it is for sleeping disorders and anxiety.
try getting her iron level up to where it is suppose to be. that could be causing alot of the problems. if bad enough it will affect the joints.

juicing raw vegtables high in iron and eating red meat. also iron pills.
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no, its not her iron level its the lupus. the most common symptom is constant fatigue. the fatigue is almost to the point where it could be mistaken for narcolepsy. literally falling asleep while cooking stuff like that. i do appreciate the thought but she was already diagnosed so we know what  the cause for her symptoms are... thank you though.

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causes of lupus.  ????????
heridetory factors and or hormonal.
9 out of 10 with lupus are women.

does she have the skin rashes?
does she have heavy bleeding every month? monthly really bad mood swings?

sorry, but i have to question the medical proffesion when they say they do not know what causes  certain diseases and then just treat the symptoms. we are kind of on our own when they tell us that they just don't know. and lupus is one of them.

regardless, hope she is feeling better soon (:
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this doctor is great. the causes of lupus are pretty much unknown. however, all of her seemingly random symptoms link together to only one thing and thats lupus. she isvery sensative to uv rays she gets ill. she has a "butterfly shaped" rash on her face every now and then. chronic fatigue. high white blood cell count. huge lymphnodes in her neck/ behind her ears and in her armpit. she is anemic. has severe depression and anxiety(hence why she attempted suicide in the beginning of the month and thats why she is in inpatient treatment right now ). her joints are incredibly sore and has a rush of warmth into them from time to time. and she has terrible migraines very frequently... as for the period thing. she has an irregularly shaped uterus that causes issues with her period... i know her doc very well and he is one of the best. i do undestand hesitantion is trusting a dotors diagnosis but not this one. the dotors great and her symptoms screan lupus. she has lived with the iron problem for as long as i can remember and she has an immaculate diet for that reason and also to control her anxiety/ depression. i do appreciate you thoughtful post.

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wow you just describeb me to the tea i am also on provigiale and was put on it for deppression  but it worked real good for a while like 6 months but now iam fixing to change to something else but reading your post makes me feel like i should get tested for lupus my brother has it and i never thought to get tested but you described me to the tea. how doo they test anyway
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lupus is an autoimmune disease..my sister has it but had one flare up years ago and no more trouble since..she runs 7 miles a day!  so her nrg is not affected any longer by it

provigil is not an amphetamine..it is a mood enhancer...people who work nights or students studying use it like no-doz.but it is not caffeine...it is over the counter everwhere but the us..here a scrip is required..I got a scip from my doctor about a month after detox when my nrg would not return..it enhances dopamine production....not sumpin i ever wanted to abuse cos if u take too much u feel jittery and yucky...no tolerence ever developed for me and i still take it from time to time... i work a tough job and needed my nrg back and this drug helped me immensely//safer than amphetamines and works..it will only enhance the nrg u already have..if u r dog tired it wont do much of anything....it helped me but some may feel it has a potenetial for abuse..never did for me but we are all different
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I was put on provigil to help with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I didn't notice very much of a difference. A strong latte would be about the closest thing I can compare it to. I am on adderal now, and it doesn't over-stimulate me, but at least I can get a few things done during the day, take care of my chidlren, and pry myself off of the couch. I also can feel that my short term memory (which was shot) is starting to slowly come back.

My advice. You can try provigil, and hopefully it will be enough to stimulate you back into a regular feeling routine for you. Just thought I'd share my experience with it.

BTW, it is very expensive. $35.00 per pill.
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