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Headaches: Listening to Music or Watching TV

Hi, I'm hoping somebody can help me?  Recently in the last couple of years, if the volume is too load watching TV or listening to music in my car, I start to get a headache coming on within minutes and I have to turn down the volume.  If I don't lower the volume after maybe an hour, I will have a pounding headache for over 24 hours.  It’s even worse if I listen to music that’s been burned to a CD disk from my PC.  However, oddly enough, if I go to a live concert I don't get a headache.

Thanks, Scott
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I would suggest to start listening to your music and your TV at a low volume so this won't happen all the time. That would be a total bummer, just work with your volume control to where your head isn't pounding. Wishing you the best.
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Thanks for responding.  I do do that.  Example: The TV volume is no higher than 12, if I listen to it over 14 for a while, then I can feel a headache coming on.
So what I'm asking is that I shouldn't have any concerns when it comes to the brain?
Good Morning.
You should contact your doctor. My volume is on six right now if I had my volume on 12 my head would be splitting. That's just too loud, my personal opinion. But you need to contact a hearing dr. Ears nose and throat perhaps. Good luck.
Sending you positive vibes
How's your tension level?  Maybe it is not the noise but tension.
Hope you're having a good day. My hubby cannot watch TV whatsoever. And he really doesn't listen to the radio or anything like that, any noise gives him a horrible headache. A tension headache that could definitely be your issue. Have you checked into tension headaches, or nerves or you just may have sensitive hearing.
Good luck.
Get this checked out with a doctor.
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