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I am a First Responder, I get drug tested every few weeks.All my test in the last year have been good{ about 13 tests}All except my last one.I was told that I tested positive for Benzoylecgonine{Cocain},I don't do illegal drugs,and the say skin contact won't cause a positive result. I just started taking bodybuilding supplements,testoserone boosters,muscle recovery powder and weight loss pills,along with Mega Men ripped vitapaks. I am also on Plavix,allopurinol,Bystolic and crestor.Could any or a combinatio of theese cause a result like this?
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I am sorry,good luck and God Bless You All,Stay Strong.
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I am sorry but we do not answer these types of questions in this community. this is for those who are struggling with addiction issues and seek help off and staying off of drugs. You may want to speak with the people who administered the test. Best of luck.
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