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Hello evryone,

Not sure if anyone can help but my boyfreind has been on the methadone mainyanense program for 4 years. I used to be on it but go off and decided to go onto the suboxone program, Anyway ever since he has been on the methadone our sex life has took a turn for the worse its pretty much destroying our relationship. He said that evr since he has gotten on the program it feels like that part of his brain is dead. I belive him cause before he got on the program our sex life was great but know its non exsistant. Does anyone have any suggestions or does this happen to all the men who have been on the program for awhile?
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methadone=no libido

sorry.... but get used to it

Google "libido and methadone" for more info

Good Luck
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I just started dating a guy who has been on the program for 6 months. I have only just started sleeping with him and although it's not very long it's lovely and passionate. Is this something that's likely to fade to nothing in your experence? I have noticed that he doesn't seem to "finish" so to speak but has no problems getting an erection. Can I ask you how long did your sex life take to become nothing? is it likely that the longer he stays on the program the less and less he'll be sexually active. so sad because I'm, extremly sexually attracted to him. sorry to ask questions when your seaking answers
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