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Hope in the Darkest of Times

Although withdrawal and PAWS seems endless, sobriety is worth fighting for.  This video gives me hope.
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your way to early for paws and I wouldent worie about it it only hits very few people like 1 out of 25 just know its there..... early on your going to feel a bad day here and there thats normal it takes a wile to feel like yourself again just give it some time and you will get better .....get paws out of your head its not an issue.........Gnarly  
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Thank you, gnarly, I didn't realize it affected that few of people.  I've seen someone like that they go into w/d just seeing the drugs in front of them.  I've never been like that, plus I've already been offered **** and turned it down immediately without a second thought about it, so you're right it's not an issue for me.  I think my mind's occasionally playing tricks on me.
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