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How long does percocet withdrawal last?

I've been really into percs for about 6 months now. Got to the point where I was taking 30 mgs twice a day, sometimes three times a day. Recently I went about 6 days taking between 10-30 mg/day. I am now almost 72 hours into withdrawals. I've got the hot/cold flashes, uncontrollable sneezes, extreme stomach pains. What can I expect? How long will this last?
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Hi. All your symptoms are exactly what happens during opiate wd. 72 hrs can be the worst of it. Don't fear: you'll probably have all those symptoms for a while and then slowly they will dissipate a little bit. It may take a while to feel better (everyone is different) so don't panic if your symptoms still linger for a few weeks or so.

Take immodium for stomach and sudefed (or any of that stuff) for sneezing. Look up the Thomas Recipe on this site; it tells you all the stuff you should take day by day.

You will have to deal w/ some emotional disturbance also. You'll feel weird, depressed, low energy, blah etc. for a while. I am a bit farther along than you and I'm dealing w/ major depression. Doesn't mean YOU will but everyone on here says that's normal and it PASSES. Just so you don't get freaked out.

Congrats on 72 hrs. Everyone is very supportive on here and folks will prob just say "Keep going."
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Hi and welcome! You have definitely come to the right place! This is a great place for information and support. Jifmoc gave you some good tips. Along with that, be sure that you are drinking a ton of water, gatorade, and juice. No caffeine. It will make your anxiety worse. Potassium ( pills or bananas, kiwi fruit ) helps the restless leg feeling, and muscle cramps. Hot baths with epsom salt also help muscle pain and pull out the toxins. It helps you to relax also. The opiate withdrawls usually peak at days 3-5, depending on amount and duration of use. You are so close to being through the worst of the physical wds. Please hang on. We are here for you if you have questions, or just need a little cheerleading. Good luck to you!
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Hi There,
Firstly congrats on 3 days...thats a huge acheivement!
I take a combined zinc/magnesium/calcium supplement and it seems to help. I still get RLS from time to time but it is lessening (i'm on day 59 c/t from codeine)
You're nearly over the hump...in a day or so things should get easier bit by bit...i liken it to the "tortoise and the hare" ...slow and steady wins this race!

Keep going you're doing amazing.
Wishing you strength, courage and peace of mind on your journey.
Jane x
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Nice to know I'm not alone in this. Thanks, everyone!
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How are you feeling today? Stick with it, like butterbean said you are almost over the hump, don't quit now! I did this a little less than a month ago, and I'm so glad I did! No more being a slave to those pills!  Stick through it, we are here for you, and good luck!  :)
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