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I need to know ......

What is the difference between Subcutex and Suboxone?  I have been on pain meds from Vicodin, Oxy, Pain Patches and currently on Norco as a result of a broken back which I had surgery  (spinal fusion) 6 yrs ago. Off and on all the above pain meds according to the doctors. Nothing helps I have epidurals for pain but I am diabetic and the epidural causes havoc on my blood glucose.  My pain Management physcian now is suggesting a Subcutex regime. I don't undersand if this pill is to be used while I go thru the withdrawal of the opiates and then  what is usually given for the pain after one completes the withdrawal procedure?  As far as the unbearable stomach problems...is that common I cannot go thru constant vomiting and all around feeling sick.  Is this the way I should go to get off opiates?  Just asking I have alot to discuss with my pain management doctor.
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I don't understand all the vomitting either....Are you in withdrawal??

Definitely look up the difference between the two meds because there is a big difference.
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hi, you do have a lot to discuss with your p.m doctor,you shouldnt keep on being sick ,
you may feel a little sickness during withdrawals but not constantly vomiting, i would get an appointment with a dr. and find out what to do , all this sickness doesnt seem right,
i hope someone with experience if the sub ,can help more, best wishes,
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I believe your doc`s idea is that you use it every day to maintain abstinence. I think it`s normal to feel sick. That`s WD.



I suggest you to search Health Pages. Link is at the top of the page in right corner...

Best wishes, and congrats on your progress...
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