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I was accused, indirectly, of tampering with a prescription

I am about to lose my mind over this situation. I have had the same Dr for 10 years. She has me on Norco 10/325 four a day. Also Klonopin 4 ml a day. She kept not showing up for appointments So she sent my prescriptions by mail they were on a triplicate. I took them to the pharmacy I have used for years. All was fine until she came out to tell me a date was wrong the script was dated the 16th and the refill date someone had written in the 15th, That caused a red flag to go up.I was so confused as to what the pharmacist was saying and noticed that I did not put that date in there.
The entire thing lasted over an hour she did the best she could. Still the Doctors office said the date was blank when they were sent out.???? Because of this my Doctor fired me from her practice without even allowing me to show her the paper script and work this nightmare out. I was in a bad elevator crash 15 years ago and I am in a lot of pain. Now no Dr, and I am so hurt, angry and confused. I don't know what to do .I have to try to find a new Dr.. Her letter of dismissal was polite and offered me 30 days of care. But she went on vacation for three weeks of my 30 days.I have an appointment with her on the last day she will treat me. I am hoping to keep her long enough to find a new Dr but she has made it impossible. I am totally disabled and can lose everything by not having a Dr. I am still in shock over the prescription and who put that date on there!! Also 7 Drs. I have contacted ar not taking new patients. sheesh!!!
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So sorry to hear about your predicament.  Most of us, on this forum, are trying to find a way to separate ourselves from pain meds, because those meds have made our lives unmanageable. .If your medical need for more meds (which is not necessarily unfounded, by the way) doesn't resonate, I just hope you'll understand.
Yes I do see I posted my situation in the wrong Forum. I am sorry.
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Madison....these type of situations are happening a lot these days and Chronic Pain patients are being treated unfairly.
You might want to post this in the Pain Management Forum because many in that forum have had to deal with similar situations and they may be better equipped to offer you some help.  Here's the link for that community:


I surely hope your doctor will listen to the details of your situation and be willing to help you when you are finally able to see her.
Thank You I will do that. And TY for your kind words and Information
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