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I'm 7 days cold turkey. How much longer will I feel bad.

I've been on Exalgo 12mg plus 20mg hydocodone. One week cold turkey, I feel terrible. When will I start feeling better? Less than a week before Christmas. What can I do?

Me 54
Ten back surgery
Been on pain pills most of my life.

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I'm not sure what Exalgo is but generally long-acting meds take longer to get out ofnyour system.  You also used them for a long time and that factors in.  Whatnare yournsymptoms?  Do you have pain issues?
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Hi there and welcome to the forum. I looked up Exalgo and it said it was controlled released opiate. Plus the Hydrocodone you were taking for many years. Plus your several back operations. In my opinion, I don't think this is a good time to do this. Like right before Christmas, if you have family counting on you? Maybe you should make an apt. with your pain/back Dr. and have him start you on some kind of tapering schedule being that you have been on these strong opiates for many years due to your back surgeries. I would wait till after the new year. Good luck and God Bless You!
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Exalgo is heavy duty stuff. Basically, its extended release Dilaudid. With Exalgo, it takes a little longer to get its full effect and on the flip side it takes a little longer to withdrawal from. That and your on the hyrdos...I can see you feeling pretty bad on day 7. I tried to go cold turkey just off the regular Dilaudid back in the day and was tore up...worse the when I CT heroin. I ended up having to taper. Id say talk to your doc about tapering but your already on day 7 so that would be pointless and a step backwards IMO. Best thing...keep pushing forward. You should be turning that corner any day now. I cant see it going on much longer. Hang in there! also, check out the link to the Thomas Recipe.

Hope you feel better soon.

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I restarted the Exalgo. I have a doc appoint next week. Cold turkey was not the way to go. Thanks for everyone's advice.
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You can't start at where you were or you could overdose.

Please get help with this, I tapered alone from a high dose of oxy, but I am not the usual. Do you have any support rom anyone, family or friend(s)

Let us know,
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I can't taper off until I see the Doc on the 6th. Or should I stop taking the Exalgo and just take the OXY?
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