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Intervention on A&E

There are a lot of new people here and not sure how many of you watch the show on A&E Intervention. It helped me a lot in my early days of recovery and i still watch it the odd time, I am going to tonight. Sometimes it's hard to watch as reality sets in, but it helps me to see. This is a link for the show on tonight at 9pm est. Check it out, i am sure some of it will hit home. How many here watch this show?

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this goes on the otherside.

Addiction Social Community.
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Ty for the reminder, was just hoping this would help a few before show came on in hour, i think it will help some with addiction to see.
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wow rules are getting strict here
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Nah only with a few, lmao. Same ones usually. This will end up on the other side and should be, but  this show really helped me in my recovery and good to see sometimes. I never got to see many about cocaine, but it's all about addiction and i always get choked up at end when they go for treatment, great show.
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I haven't watched the show. Thanks for the suggestion. It'll hopefully take my mind off the pain at least for a little bit.

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i watch it every monday night .i enjoy the program but it leaves out so much of the torment we go through,THE PHYSICAL TORMENT.like i said it does hit home but leaves out what we go through in detox.i think if they showed that ,alot of people would think twice about ever touching this ****,whatever your doc is.    ps;i think that celebrity rehab was a joke, that should have been on saturday night live
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come on trace,i think that was a great post.i'm watching tonite.
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great post
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Thanks gizzy for that . I watch it too and breaks my heart to know what pain I caused alot of people. You don't see that when you are in addiction. Any suggestions for help are good suggestions, doesn't matter where they are put. At least you are trying to help others.I see you posting alot and that is a part of staying clean ,Trusting something,cleaning your own house(you)(making amends) and helping others without these 3 I would not have such a great recovery. Keep up the good work..........j
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I watch every monday and i have from the first episode
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I am a big fan!  
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It just came on. Wow she is drinking a lot combined with those lortabs and xanax, what a bad combo.
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(((((((((((((((((((Lil Brother)))))))))))))))  I have missed you!  I see you are helping again "big smile"  I am so proud of you!  Love ya lil brother
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Sorry just wanted to add what the addiction counsellor on this show just said. Willpower is not enough to beat this alone. There is so much more to addiction and that is why aftercare is so important, ok i will shut up about aftercare, but only for tonight, lol.
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i've got it taped but have been jumping back and forth,i also agree,aftercare is probably the most important part of staying clean,gotta go
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Just got done hubby and I watched it. I watch everyone I can and True life also. Good stuff.
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Great post gizzy.You are absolutely right this show hits home with all of us who post on THIS side and deals with the same issues we on THIS side go through.

I watch it every Monday night.Still cry every time the family reads their letters and I love that they now give you an update at the end of every episode of how the person is doing today.
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I think this IS the place for this post.  Everyone should watch this show......
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I watch it every monday - but depending where I am with my addiction - it can be good or bad.  
Sometimes I will compare myself do the "well I am not near that bad", "That's not me" - and tuck it into my denial folder.  It can sometimes increase my cravings - to hear others describe the feelings, what the drug does to them - to see them use - it can be a big trigger for me.
And when they are doing the intervention - all I can think is "I would leave - no way would I stay for that."
I still watch it - so there must be a reason - but for those of us still really struggling, fighting denial - it may have a very different effect, that for those of you who are in a good, motivated, positive place.      
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