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Life is great now

I just wanted to post here and say how wonderfull this site has helped me. I have been coming here for months. I have never posted anything here but I did follow a'lot of other peoples advice and now I am 8 days clean and not having any more withdrawls. ( The first 3 days were hell).  I was taking Hydro's, Oxy's pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I was up to 90 mgs a day for almost 2 years. I tried tapering but knowing I had the pills I just had to take them, So I quit cold turkey with the thompson reciepe. IT WORKS. All I want to say is thanks for your posts as other people do read them and it does HELP.
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Wow, glad you made it and welcome to the forum!   I too am starting a full blown detox this weekend and am pretty scared of the WD symptoms.  I go stir crazy if I dont take a pill every 6 hours, even if it is only 1 pill.  I am consumed all day by how many pills I have, how many can I take, when can I get more, where can I get more, etc, etc. etc.  Complete madness.  I am ready to quit though, I kinda got in trouble due to my pill usage and really dont have any option but to quit.  Glad to hear your success story, however I am not doing the Thomas Recipe route, I have never taken any vitamins and will not start now.  I instead have clonidine, trazadone and bentyl to help lessen some of the symptoms of my WD this weekend.  I took 2 trazadone last night because I am almost completely out of my pills, I have like 6 left of Norco 10/325 and want to save them for when I absolutely cannot handle the WD symptoms, but the trazadone really helped calm me down and helped with the restless legs I usually get in the early AM.  I was able to take 1 norco at exactly 7:30 PM last night and made it all the way to 6:00 am this morning without having my usual tensing of my entire body and legs.  That is probably the worst along with the anxiety. Anyhow, keep posting and let us know how you are doing!  CTG.
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Sweetie...u cAnt take any narcotics during withdrawAl or you start all over!  Thats like an alcoholic saying.. ill just keep some booze handy if i need it...NOT!

i KNOW JUST WHERE U ARE COMING FROM THOUGH.  i TRIED TO KEEP SOME STADOL ON HAND JUST IN CASE I NEEDED IT..well it will call to you 24/7 and if you have any refills they call to you too.  and eventually you take em.. not cuz u need to either!
THAT is how i failed my first detox effort!
This addiction is a disease you know!  And your mind will play tricks on you convincing u to take more or take your stash.  
Peace to you  my dear... get rid of those pills!
Dont put yoursefl thru that torture and then relapse like me!
Peace again!
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I want life to be great too!!Today is my second day of not taking ultram/ultracet. I have been taking these pills on and off (mostly on) for almost 2 years now. I work for a dr. and can get them very easily in sample form. I have drained myself in all of my efforts of trying to obtain these pills and maintain my composure when the stash gets low. I need some support from anyone who can lend a hand. I am only 25, and the mother of a 3 year old, and I just cannot do this anymore. I am actually very happy and looking forward to completing the rest of my life w/out using these type of pills. They were prescribed to me for legitimate pain and the next thing i knew i was taking them everyday just to maintain the "euphoric" feeling. When i attempted to get off of them 2 years ago, i suffered from a severe withdrawal and decided it would be better to keep on them. Obviously this cannot be done in good conscience or good health so now is the time for me to begin a new day! Please, i'd appreciate any feedback. Any advice or true stories about the same situation is so appreciated.... Thank you
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Dear Chi ... you are doing great in cutting down on the opiods.
Keep going and don't let anyone rain on your parade. I know you will reach your goals in due time. I just wish I could feel as hopeful. But that's the beauty of ultram .... it's like fly paper. I have yet to hear a sucessful ultram detox story....

Dear Suzie ... I'm sure Chi realizes that she is not "clean" but
is pleased with her progress. How much ultram were you taking and how are you coming off? I don't want to drag my detox out too long .... or I get discouraged and give up. I do have a life to live ... Goldie

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If you are 25 years old ..... you can get off ultram. You will recover without too much problem. Just get some addiction help. The trouble with this drug is it stays in the stystem a long time. My email is ***@**** . I'll send you the information I have so far .... Good Luck
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Hey!  How r u?  I am doing ok.  I was taking about 8 a day and then cut down to 6 thne 4 then off em.  
As for Chitown, and ME!  ALL I KNOW IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TOLD AND EXPERIENCED.  we CANT JUST TAKE A LITTLE!  It is the nature of the beast and the disease for most.  Nor can we keep some on hand just in case...
Do u go to NA or AA?  I think they are great programs if you find the right group for you.  
I am very very nauseated today and dry heaves.  Shaking and vibrating brain.  But i will be ok!
Love, hugs!
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It is admirable wut u are going to do!  You have already achieved a great milestone admitting it is a problem and desiring to get off the devil!  Let us know how we can help and how u r plz.. keep posting!
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Read all the post even if the lead question does not pertain to you. There are great stories and ways different people have either quit all together or cut back. Good luck!

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Excellent post!   Your personal experience is where it is at for those needing knowledge and support. Ty for sharing.  I am in withdrawal now and i know soon it will be over!  This is my real withdrawal now... And my last!
Peace to you!
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Again, I MUST agree with Suzie. You will only be climbing a greasy ladder if you detox to the point where you just KNOW you can't handle the withdrawls & reach for a pill or two. One step up is NEVER worth two steps down. If you get 24 hours into your detox & take just ONE PILL, all that pain & misery you just suffered for that day shoot right down the toilet. You MUST go into this ready to tackle the withdrawls & all WITHOUT any of the pills that you're battling. Trust me on this one. I detoxed with a whole bottle of Vicodin ES in the house & after the first day I convinced myself that taking two pills when I get up certainly won't hurt my recovery...especially since I was taking 5 or 6 at a time, 4 or 5 times a day. Guess what? I felt a WHOLE LOT better for the greater part of the morning...until those pills wore off. Then I ACTUALLY felt WORSE than I did the prior day. That's when I KNEW that this had to be done without ANY pills other than immodium to keep me off of the toilet. I successfully completed my withdrawls with the remainder of my meds in the house but I was SO ready to be clean that I honestly knew in my heart that I would not, under any circumstance take another for withdrawls. You REALLY CAN DO THIS CHI...without your security balnket in the house.

Again Chi...you are in my prayers & I have the GREATEST faith in you for your upcoming battles. Please keep us posted & be VERY careful with what you do with those 6 pills. Mine is only advice & concern. You seem to have already siked yourself out regarding the symptoms of detox, making them worse than they'll actually be. I'd REALLY hate to see you prolong this uncomfortable experience by taking just one pill to help ease the pain & slipping back to the beginning of a vicious circle.


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hey everyone , i all is well.
the withdrawls from ultram and ultracet are no fun.
one thing is for sure tho , we make out to be worse then it really is before we do take the plunge at kicking.
the worst is the restless leg at night in the 1st week.
waking up in the middle of the night or not even getting much sleep at all is always the hard part. when we do go through this it is a real good idea to get right into the hot bath tub,
sometimes we may have to do this a couple time at night .
so don't get to upset about it. the bath will feel wonderful
while you in it.
the depression and painc during thr day seems worse then it is ,
it will pass after a week   so try not to pay to much attention to it, and keep busy.
for those who are willing a few L-tyrosine and b-6 really do help
with the with drawls in week one.
in any event just do what ever you have to to get through weeek one then try to start moving around , walk, ride a bike.
whatever. in time your natraul endorphins will slowly start to
kick in a little each day,
dot forget to eat and take imodium for the runs,
the runs in week one will deplete your body of all your nutrients
and electolites and this will make the with drawls worse then they have to be. gator aid help to restore the lost electolites.

well peace to everyone//////////hippy
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After detoxing basically every way possible ie, cold turkey, self weaning (ha) hospital detox and then finally the rapid detox I referred to in above post, I'll tell you what happened to me and what worked best. I literally tried to detox myself at home at least 25 times (not counting the forced "mini detoxes" I went through while trying to get more.) The first time seemed bad at the time but I had nothing to gage it by. I can tell you for me each subsequent withdrawel period became more painful for a longer period of time. Suzieneedshelp and Finished! are right about not taking any narcotic while you detox. There is a catch to that though. They give you small doses of opiates in the hospital and take you down a little more humanly than cold turkey...but... there is no way to get more. If I ever had a refill coming to me and I tried to detox at home by trying to take a few remaining pills I'd saved "in case it gets too bad" I would take that dose and like they said in the other posts it would trigger me and I would absolutely have to get the refill. If, however you have no way to get any opiate for at least 2 weeks preferably more, You may be able to get some badly needed relief by taking a dose "when it gets terribly hard to take"  actually if you have enough, one pill every 6 hours on day one, one every 8 hours the next day and one every 12 the third taking one final pill 24 hours as your last pill is a prescribed means of detox in some hospitals. (I'm also a registered nurse so I've been through detox from both sides, this method really is a protocol that has been used for detox... among many and with other meds as well, such as clonidine and specific meds for symtom relief as they occur.) Realize though, that you will go through another withdrawel after that last pill but it makes the detox more tolerable and gives you a slightly better chance at being succesful. You absolutely must give the pills to your husband and you can not have any access to more pills not even a remote chance. I am only telling you this from alot of unfortunate detox experiences of my own. You seem really strong and determined to do this. Everybody has their own experience and does what works for them. This is just one suggestion among many of the great ones that have been posted here. Good luck this weekend and how did you do today? Keep posting when you can, I've seen how much your supported here. I'll keep you in my prayers. Take care
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