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Looking for outpatient answers.

I'm hoping someone can help me with what to expect in an outpatient setting.  I'm stuck in a situation where I'm ready to be done with my addiction.  It's something I've played with for the past 6 years and I want out.  My question is this.  What can I expect from an outpatient setting?  I have a wonderful family but for reasons I can't explain fully they can't know the secret I hide.  I'd like to begin Buprenorphine treatment but I want to know what the doctor will ask, how much time it will take, etc.  Yes I'm dedicated to finishing my lifestyle with pills for good but I also am a father, a husband and have a demanding job.  For the record percs are my drug of choice I've been up to 8 per day, down to 6 now.  
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Hi and welcome!!!  
When I got clean last year I went to outpatient for about 2 months.  I did learn some new things but I honestly have to say that I get much more out of AA and NA!  Outpatient will give you some education on addiction and why people use but for me it didn't get to the heart of the matter....  that heart of the matter was ME  and learning how to live drug free and begin to change me from the inside out...  I do hope that you find and go to a meeting even if you do choose outpatient also!  
Like VIC and Gnarly said, we will all be here to encourage you through your detox when you are ready!!!  So keep on posting!!!
Happy New Year!!!  ♡
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Hi & Welcome
Do not beat yourself up about becoming Addicted to these types of substance. Many factors play here why one can get Addicted more then others. Genes, Environment, Trauma, Anxious depression, Mental issues, and Tolerance. So many reason for different ppl. One thing is that it does unbalance the Brain Chems, therefore a brain chem (dopamine) will surge into the pleasure part of the brain they call the mid-brain, which is the survivor part. There are many different kinds of addiction, as the brain will remember the pleasure and will want to be rewarded again & again, until that tape will not stop playing over & over again, and use every and all excuses to keep it up. LOTS of Brain Chems get knocked out of balance from these meds. The Mental will take some time and patience!!! YOU will feel feeling that you have not for so long.
I have to agree with Gnarly. You should just try to taper down slow and let your Brain and Body adjust back from each drop. If you go on the Subs, you will have to detox them out too and it can be as bad as the Methadone. We both c/t the Methadone. Not from a clinic either, just got mine prescribe for pain and c/t it with 2 other meds. You just have to make sure you drink tons of fluids and mostly water. Get some good vit/min going too. Eat Healthy and tons of food with antioxidants in them. Building up a great immune system can make the w/ds a bit less intense. The time frame of balancing back is different for some. Lots of factors play there too, like how many drugs at once, Age, health, how many yrs and how high of a dose one has came off of. Most of us on here could NOT taper. If you can hand them to someone you trust to hand them out to you would be great. The detox is the easy part..(yes, physically uncomfortable) but working one staying clean is the hard part. It takes TONS of outside Support and working with others that have walked your shoes is the best. LOTS of changes have to be made as you are continually learning all you can about this Disease. We can help you get through the Detox, but working on staying clean is up to you and how much work you put into it. I do wish you the best and keep us updated.
Happy New Year!
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Thank you so much for your response. I have stopped taking a few times so obviously know what to expect. It's not pretty but by the grace of God, the worst ends. In the past I believed I could go back and it wouldn't grab ahold but it always does. It is encouraging that sub/bupe would make things worse so tapering would be best. In the past I've sucked it up, didn't miss work and dealt with the flu like symptoms. I agree at this point I need N/A and have already begun to search local meetings. I didn't want to believe I was addicted but I've finally come to terms with what I am and what this could do to my life. I'll be around as I begin the process
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Hi and welcome to the forum......well outpatient is a way to go  in it you will learn what it takes to stay clean ....as for putting a 8yr habit to rest it is going to take a life time commitment to recovery....as for the subutex  your habit is not that great to justifie it  sub is second only to methadone to get off of and it would be like going from the frying pan into the fire and I dont recamend it....we do home detoxs every day here and we can help you get off it  as for long term recovery your going to need a progam to do it ....for me N/A has been the magic bullet  it is free the meetings are only a hour long and it will give you some place to share where the people will understand....those that go to meetings tend to stay clean....there is so much more to this then just stopping the pills  your still stuck with the addict in your head long after they stop.....it would be a good idea to tell your wife what is going on our secrets keep us sick  keep posting here for support we can help
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