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Lortab Addiction

I don't have a question, I just want to post this info for all the people on this forum who are addicted to Lortab (or Vicodin or other forms of hydrocodone or codeine). People who are addicted to these drugs need to know that if they want to break the addiction, they should NOT stop cold turkey. Withdrawal symptoms can be horrible and include flu-like symptoms, severe muscle cramps, severe headaches, severe irritability, sleeplessness and in really bad cases, seizures. If you want to quit these drugs, you MUST taper off. I know this because a family member was addicted. She tried quitting cold turkey several times and ended up going back to the drugs because the side effects of withdrawal are so severe they tend to make you take the drug again to get relief. The best way to quit these drugs is to taper off. If you take Lortab 3 times a day, cut it down to 2 for a week, then once a day for a week. Then try taking one every other day for a week, then skip 2 days, then skip 3 and so on. Each dose reduction should be for about a week, though some people can reduce the dosage every 3-4 days and still taper without side effects. It depends on how much you've been on and for how long. You should be able to be off the drug completely within about 6 weeks without the side effects of withdrawal and without cravings. If you still need help after that, consider a rehab facility that will control dosages for you during withdrawal. Sudden withdrawal from any nervous system drug (antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, etc.) can also cause these problems. Always try to wean off slowly. Much better results in the long run and less chance of relapse. My relative tapered off and has never used again.
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We are not allowed to give tapering schedules here. Also while you found what works for you that doesn't mean that it will work for everyone. All detox methods should be routed thru a licensed professional.
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That is not recommended here that is something a dr needs to to deal with where here for help guidance and to talk not give a tapper schedule. And second I for one can't tapper there is no way once I get one it is game over I can't stop taking even if I give to some one and they won't give me I get violent very very violent so they give in. If they don't give in I go somewhere and get them. I have to go cold turkey as for I know a few others that way. Better to go through it the hard way locked in you're room and mind for 96 hours alone in my mind and for it to work for me that's how I got clean every time I didn't relapse because of WD pain it was for other reasons that I addressed and now I'm clean like 13 days or so and said good bye to pills for good.
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Not to mention I did taper and still had raging withdrawal symptoms - withdrawal is horrible for most no matter how you slice it, tapering made no difference for me.  Different ways, remedies and paths work for different people - there is no absolute with this but we all share our experiences so people can have hope and see there are different ways.
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Some people can taper. It takes a lot of discipline. I admit that I couldn't do it. We are all different so the thing is to find what works best for each individual. One thing that made a difference for me is aftercare. I also go to counseling. A lot of people say that while the physical wd is awful, it is the changing of habits and environment that helps longterm. Cancel those prescriptions and delete those numbers from your phone.

Posting here really helped me and still helps me a lot.

Good luck and prayers to all of you who are fighting this battle.
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23 days clean today of hydro an oxy. Cold turkey. The withdrawal sickness. I've been in worse shape than that. Good 2 weeks of my brain rebooting was a little difficult at work. There was a few out of my controlled thoughts to use but they went away quickly. around here ye availability of pills is insane. 4 me it was a firm commitment and decision to stop this madness you get my life back. There is a lot of testimony on this site that says the cold turkey does work. I think you're quite bold put your statement out but this is my opinion.
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This sounds like your personal opinion Laura.  Glad this worked for your relative.  Most of us here share a different opinion and a lot of us are walking proof of said opinion.  Either way I'm happy for anyone who gets off of these, however they do it and whatever works for them.
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It is very sweet of her to care. We cannot expect anyone who hasn't gone through this to fully understand.She did have some valid points as to the siezures and such, but that makes it even more important to have a doctor helping you to make sure you are safe. I would rather the ct way, but to each his own. Whatever the individual has to do to get off the stuff:)
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