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Lucemyra -Lofexidine fot opiod withdrawals is not for Subutex

I’ve been on 12mg a day of Subutex for the past 8 years. I was given Sibutrx in an order to come off a cocktail of other medications. I never relapsed or failed a drug test during this time. The Subutex was a miracle drug to me.  I weined myself down over about a year trying to take less and less. I then had an accident in which I became burnt from my knee up my front thigh after being pinned in a fire by an accident with an ATV. I continued taking only Subutex for the pain which at times seemed horrific with the pain of layers of skin from burns being scraped, but I had that mindset I was going to survive what I set out to do. So I had to increase my dosage back up.  Year 6-8 of taking it, it still felt like a challice around my neck that controlled my everyday.  I hated knowing I wasn’t. Controlling my life, my need for medication was. You truly feel that way when you get your mind made up that tired of that life.  My doctor continued making me feel like a drug addict each time I went for my refills because I had never failed a Salavia or Urine test in 8 years. He didn’t try to step me back down. It’s like he couldn’t believe I was actually taking it no more no less.  I  continued  feeling trapped. 2 weeks ago I called to make my refill appt and due to 2 extra days in the 2 months of being 31 days I was told I’d have to deal with it, there was nothing they could do they can’t help there was extra days in the month. I’ve NEVER felt more like an addict than they made me feel at that moment. I followed the rules. I did the protocol as told. I was chastised by the medical staff for informing them my date of refill. That night I started my “hell”! I took my last dose around That evening of less than 1mg instead of 12mg. I had no warning so I had no time to taper  down. By midnight the first night My eyes was opened to what Subutex really is! The aches hit like a tidal wave through my back and my legs, uncontrollable shaking, crying, vomiting, diarrhea, wishing my body could be still but I couldn’t.  That was just a sneak peak of what the next 12 days would hold.. if I could fall asleep for 45 min that was a lot, 7 days I slept maybe 5 hours total, to bathe myself was s chore. My physical strength was depleted. You feel like a complete different person. The anger and frustration comes in waves and are directed at the ones closet to you. To eat soup broth was a challenge even with nausea meds. I kept telling myself 5-7 days I’m done with this.  I pushed myself to the Max daily. My family not understanding my choice and allowing my body to be ravaged by what once helped it. Icy hot tubes on my muscles, hot soaks in the bath, that’s temporary. I look at my bed and want to cry because it’s when you want so bad to curl up in it and go to sleep but you know the torture your body feels to try to lay down.  By day 10 I’m utterly exhausted! Not to mention I’m a mother and business owner that was also trying to maintain some state of normalcy. My parents stepped up to the plate and pursued for me the things I couldn’t do myself. My mom was with me countless hours! So I made a decision on the 11th day to go see if There was anything I can do to help my withdrawals ease up enough to function. My doctor issued Lofexidine that was just made available in my are the same day. You take around 96 pills over a 10 day period to help the symptoms of withdrawal. It wasn’t a narcotic, no dependence, 10 days your done? Oh yea I want it! Go straight to my pharmacy with spirits uplifted, (they knew my journey of trying to do it myself) my pharmacist says this scrip is $2388 for 10 days. My mouth dropped! Luckily my insurance paid it in full. I come home took my first dose yesterday afternoon at 7pm of 3 pills. Felt no different. About 2 hours later, I knew what was happening! I began saying oh no oh no! Afte 12 days I detoxing holy hell, this medicine put me right back into physical withdrawals of my body cramping doubling over. But this was designed and approved by the FDA to help control these symptoms not make them re represent themselves again. I didn’t take another dose. Setting outside watching the sunrise from not being able to lay down. I began researching it. It says opioid withdrawal in its description. Let me tell you this from someone who has been through both- abrupt opioid withdrawal and abrupt Subutex withdrawal is no comparison! Not even close. Subutex really does what it supposed to do for your body. But- with that said- of you are thinking about jumping off Subutex abruptly you better know what your doing! I would not ever recommend it, your days consist of hell on earth. I’m not sure how many more I have to go, but I would rather do it alone that ever rely on leflexodine (also known as Clonidine in smaller doses) they have the same properties. This medication DOES NOT help in the prevention of Subutex withdrawal, it DOES increase the withdrawals. Be very careful what you put it your body, eventually it has to come out. My hope and prayer is that each person dealing with a similar issue may gain wisdom in their journey to find what works best for them as part of their healing. Addiction doesn’t necessarily mean ur a drug addict! Addiction is a chemical need within your body that can completely reset your system without it. I’m not an addict first and foremost, I am only a woman and mother that wants to share knowledge of my own journey to become the woman I see myself to be without a need for medicine to control my everyday. Good luck to anyone dealing with a similar issue. God Bless!
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Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting this.  I never went the sub route and i am very happy i didnt.  Many here have spoke of their hell on earth during this time.  I so hope you are feeling better.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and just knowing you wont be chained to this med anymore has to make the days of hell a bit better~
I just detoxed from suboxone with Kratom. 9 grams 3 times a day for 4 days. 7grams 3x a day for 2 days Then 5 grams 3x a day for 1 day..3 grams 3x 1 day then 1 gram 3x for 2 days  I'm ok...Don't know if this will work for anyone else but up to you if you want to try .
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A prescription is filled every 30 days to account for months with 31 days.  I don’t understand the logic behind not filling a script every 30 days.  
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