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Methadone detox

I have been taking methadone for my heroin addiction and was prescribed Klonopin for anxiety. I been able to taper off methadone to 1mg and all of a sudden can't sleep. Restless legs is the worst. I take 0.25 of klonopin but it doesn't help. I know some sleep aids is benzos like Triazolam and it helped me before (i detoxed from Methadone 3 times) but this time i am on Klonopin which is another benzo. What can i take? I don't want to increase my dose of Klonopin because i have to detox from it eventually and it's even harder to get off than Methadone. Can i take Ambient? Mixing Klonopin with other drugs is very dangerous.
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I would NOT recommend (imo) mixing Ambien with anything, especially a benzo. Thats like playing russian roulette with your life. I know how you feel (really) but you're just going to ride this one out hun.
I just got off Norco after 5 years use (basically synthetic heroin, 33 days now) and couldn't sleep the first several days. That's just how it goes. You can try some natural sleep agents like melatonin, green tea, etc.
The first 10 days should be the hardest. Then you should get 4-6 hrs regularly which is better than none. For the "absolutely-having-no-sleep" days it is recommended to read a book, watch a Light-Hearted movies, shows, music, etc. (I used music to stop my mind from racing).
Take plenty of baths for physical symptoms and some anxiety. It helps immensely - scr.ew that water bill, they'll take payments. ;) Its also generally good to look up the "Thomas Recipe" for some vits and other suggested remedies.
It would probably be best if you could take a few days off of work (?). I hope so.
It can feel like hell but it does get better. If you want to talk abt it more feel free to post up. Alot of very helpful and nice people here. It might be a little slow due to the holidays but usually there are several people. I hope to see you in the future.
Best of luck to you & Take Care,
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Thank you for your reply! I know this time is different. I was on methadone 3 times before and every time i was taking either Triazolam or Ambient. With Klonopin can't take anything and even Methadone was dangerous. Does Melatonin helps? I was researching about but of course mixing anything with benzo is not a good idea. I took 25 days off work, have rough road ahead. .
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Congrats on getting to 1 mg!!!!  Now comes the fun part!  Yuck!!!  There are a few people on here who are the methadone experts and Im sure they will be around to give you advice soon!!! I am on Ativan for anxiety and that helped me sleep during my detox!  But it is a benzo so I am going to have to come off of that soon!  I wouldnt mix the ambien and Klonopin though!  Its nice that you have 25 days off from work!  That will give you time to detox and to start some kind of aftercare!!!  A therapist, AA/NA meetings, Celebrate Recovery etc....  I have only been clean for 19 days but aftercare was stressed to me since the very beginning!!!  I have been to a few AA meetings since there are so many of them around me and also went to a Celebrate Recovery meeting.  I am starting therapy next week....they keep moving my appt so it seems like its taking forever!!!  
We will all be hear to give you encouragement as you being the process so keep posting!!!!  There are great people on here!!!!  Take care of you!!!
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I tspered down on methadone several years ago to 1 mg too. Honestly I think the first 3 days were the worst and after that it wasn't bad. Maybe a week of feeling a little raw in the stomach and I was fine. Tapering to 1 mg makes a huge difference. I take Requip for my RLS but I had it before any drugs came into play.

Good luck. And enjoy your 25 days off. Keep busy.
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Hi  I came off a bad methadone habit and it was a long time b/4 sleep came back  you can try some a stuff called alterell it is 3 herbs and works for a lot of our members as for the restless legs try Highlands restfulllegs and epsom salt baths the magnsum in it helps other then that  time will heal you............Gnarly
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Apparently there's conflict opinions about Klonopin and Ambient interactions. Went to one pharmacy and pharmacist said it's not a good idea to mix two together. Went to the doctor and he said if i take klonopin in the morning and Ambient at night i should be fine. Went to the second pharmacy to fill out prescription and pharmacist said it's fine to take them both just not at the same time. Lack of sleep is horrible. No wonder it used for torture (sleep deprivation). I will hold as much as i can but if i have to i will take Ambien. Feel like zombie right now.....
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