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Methadone use for 7 days

I started going to a clinic 7 days ago to seek help for Hydrocodone withdrawals. I had been on Hydrocodone for about 4 years and my new Dr felt Methadone would help. Day one they gave me 30mg. I could not function and I was very sick, vomiting, etc. I told them that was too high that I wanted no more than 10-15 mg per day. I was a little shocked at their encouraging people to take high doses and increase 5 mg per day. My blood pressure has dropped and I'm not going back and my Question is this. Am I addicted to Methadone at 10-15 mg per day for 7 days?
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Hello & Welcome!

I sure hope you are still with us?
I got my Methadone prescribed for pain and for yrs. It makes me so mad that they will give someone Methadone to come off of a short amount of hydo or other opiates. This makes no sense that your Dr did not just try to taper you down some more off the hydros. Most ppl go to these clinics to get off drugs and I can understand this, but not for such a low dose of hydos. I know one time in my town they did a sweep and took everybody off Methadone that was not using it for Bone cancer or ppl coming off H.
However, now days they are prescribing it more for pain because it does have longer legs. They try to keep it down to 3-10mg a day and this depends on your pain level.  I am SO glad that you stopped this before it got real bad.
Have you told the Dr that you do not want the Methadone?? If the dr would only cut you back very slowly you should be fine in time. Hope you come back and give us a update. Others will chime in, but it has been a bit on the slower side of life on here for many reasons at this time. Keep checking back in this post you put up.
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Welcome to the forum, Alexa!
Sorry you haven't rec'd a reply yet.
Are you wanting to stop taking all narcotic pain meds or just trying to control your pain better?
Imo, taking methadone for only 7 days shouldn't be too bad to get off of.  It does have a MUCH longer half life than hydrocodone and is a MUCH stronger synthetic opioid.  You may have some w/drawal symptoms for a few days.  I'm glad you decided NOT to go back to the clinic.
Methadone is about 3 to 4 times stronger than hydrocodone and it has a much longer half life which may be why your dr suggested it.
I can only tell you that I would stick with the hydrocodone if you need pain control.  Methadone is a BEAR to get off of as it seeps into the bones and tissues.  10 mg of methadone is approximately equivalent to 30-35 mg of hydrocodone.  So one dose of methadone at 10 mg would be like taking ALL 3 of your hydro 10's at once....with the benefit of the long half life (how long it stays in your system).
We have a Pain Management Forum, too, if you are interested in that.
Let us know how we can help, ok?
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I was taking Hydrocodone 10/325 3 times daily
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